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Yet another one, reported by father

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Yet another one, reported by father

Post by PeterMac on 05.06.15 10:55

Father arrested as authorities search for three children
Eleanor Hawkins Spain 05 June 2015

A MAN from Jaen has been arrested as police believe he could have something to do with the disappearance of his three children, who he personally reported as missing.
The children, aged three, five and seven, were in the custody of the Junta de Andalucia regional government at a home in La Carolina (Jaen) and disappeared from a nearby park during an authorised and arranged visit from their father.
The 47-year-old man went to inform the police that the children had disappeared, saying simply that he had lost sight of them in the park.
Searches were launched in the area and a national alert put out. Investigators discovered that the father had wanted custody of the children, who were taken into care in December, and began to suspect that he could have involved a third party to help him make them disappear.
The man was found to have camped for a number of days outside the Junta premises in Jaen last week to demand the children’s custody, as it had been announced that they would be sent to a foster family shortly.
Officers also found it strange that the man refused to take part in searches after the children went missing, police sources reported.
As searches continued for the youngsters, Andalucian government delegate in Jaen Purificacion Galvez said that an investigation was underway to find out what happened. Asked whether a home staff member should accompany families on this type of visit, she explained that it was a very complicated thing to organise.

Good that the police didn't muck around. Perhaps they are all learning !



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Re: Yet another one, reported by father

Post by jeanmonroe on 05.06.15 11:57

I'm pretty 'sure' we'll have lots of 'doey eyed' looking, 'abducted/missing' kids, 'stories', from today onwards, until Kate and Fiona's 'Hacked Off, 500 mile, Tour of Britain' ('in MEMORY of Madeleine') 13th-17th June, 2015.

I'd like to 'congratulate' the 'other' bike riders, but, unfortunately, i don't KNOW their 'names'!

The MP regular 'years and years fundraisers' are, i'm afraid, relegated, to 'spare parts' on this particular bike 'ride'

It's ONLY all 'about' the Kate and Fiona 'show'!

just to add: If there are '24' bike riders, raising, £48,000 (24x£2000 minimum 'fund raising' each) that 'total' will pay for just 75% of the Missing People 'charidy', CEO's, annual 'salary'.

So, not a penny piece, of the bike riders £48,000 'raised monies' used to 'find' any 'missing person'?

Anyone 'know' how many 'missing people' have Missing People, actually 'found'?

Answer, to the 'nearest' 27,000, will 'do'!


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yet another one reported by the father

Post by willowthewisp on 05.06.15 12:25

Hi Jeanmonroe
I take it you have not asked Lance for a yellow jersey to wear on the bike ride then spit coffee ?

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