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Post by jeanmonroe on 02.06.15 14:39

FIFA Names Official Behind $10m Transfer

FIFA denies its secretary general Jerome Valcke is the official behind the payment and names its late finance chief instead.

FIFA has admitted it processed a $10m (£6.6m) payment from South Africa to one of its former officials but denied its secretary general was involved.

The organisation said the transfer was approved in 2007 by Julio Grondona, the chairman of its finance committee at the time.

He died last year aged 82 after serving as an executive member for 26 years.

FIFA issued a statement after a report in the New York Times alleged Jerome Valcke was the "high-ranking FIFA official", mentioned in an indictment filed in New York, who made the transfer.

Football's governing body said neither Mr Valcke "nor any other member of FIFA's senior management were involved in the initiation, approval and implementation" of the payment to former vice president Jack Warner.

Julio Grondona WON'T be 'giving evidence' then!

Quelle surprise?

Er, NON!

"It wuz the dead paedo wot dun it, innit, geddit" 'said' OG publicity officer, C Mitchell.


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FIFA blame the Deadman

Post by willowthewisp on 12.06.15 15:02

It would seem that FIFA have ordered the PR person to resign from their position after telling a Joke about his Boss's, no sense of humour is to be expected from the Saintly self promotion of their integrity, at least the PR man had the temerity to speak up, unlike the sheep chewing the cud to produce un-fragrant smells?

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