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WET and WINDY 'conditions', prediction, ahead for OG?

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WET and WINDY 'conditions', prediction, ahead for OG?

Post by jeanmonroe on 01.06.15 14:19

In the 'spirit' with the MET's NEW policy of 'honesty, integrity and transparency' regarding 'investigations' in the public 'interest', OG have released an exclusive video of their last, 38 full time, dedicated' Maddie Cops, 'team' meeting, 'featuring' ex DCI Mahogany, filmed entirely on location at a very 'secret', Belgravia police station, 'bunker'.

(BBC Grimewatch weren't, it seems, the ONLY 'ones' allowed filming 'access' to top secret, undercover, ongoing police operations)

OG have 'released' the new 'footage' to dispel 'rumours' they were not, are not, investigating, 'properly', the disappearance of a three years old child, 'reported' only by the child's own parents.

Here's the 'footage'

Hope that cheered you up, and gave you a 'laff', boys and girls, at OG, on this miserable Monday afternoon!

"NO! NO! NO! DC Smart, you can't be transferred to the glamourous Sweeny! I won't tell you again! GET 'READING' the 40,000 pages of PJ 'files' AGAIN! You're not a 'real' cop, anymore, you're a very 'special' Maddie COP!"

Memo to OG: I know, that you know, that i know, that you ARE reading, and watching, THIS! winkwink

Still, better than 'reading' all those bloody PJ 'files', for the umpteenth time..........AGAIN!

JeanM, IS, (NOT Islamic State!) 'back in the roooom!' laughat


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wet and windy operation grange

Post by willowthewisp on 01.06.15 14:41

Hi Jeanmonroe
Glad you found the video and was able to put it in your post, wonder if the Operation Grange know of this video as I think some Blue sirens will be heard soon?


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Re: WET and WINDY 'conditions', prediction, ahead for OG?

Post by jeanmonroe on 01.06.15 16:10

BHH: "but in terms of THAT file, ('troll' dossier) what happened, if you recall, was that THE FAMILY HANDED TO OUR TEAM who are investigating, or reviewing, the murder of, sorry, reviewing the missing girl, the McCann daughter"


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McCanns apt & hire car

Blood and cadaver alerts
dismissed by UK Government

Retired DCI Gonçalo Amaral: "The English can always present the conclusions to which they themselves arrived in 2007. Because they know, they have the evidence of what happened - they don't need to investigate anything. All this is now a mere 'show off'."

Retired murder DCI Colin Sutton: "I would also like to make the point that Operation Grange was so restricted from the start as to be destined to fail."

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley made public on national TV that Operation Grange is a complete fraud.

Ex-DCI Andy Redwood had a "revelation moment" on BBC's Crimewatch on 14th October 2013 when he announced that Operation Grange had eliminated the Tanner sighting - which opened up the 'window of opportunity', in accordance with their remit, to allow the fake abduction to happen.

Despite "irrelevant behaviour" from blood and cadaver dogs in the McCann's apartment, on Kate McCann's clothes, and in the car they hired three weeks after Maddie disappeared, Ex-Chief Inspector, Ian Horrocks, said: "The thought that Kate and Gerry McCann had anything to do with the death of their daughter is frankly preposterous."

Gerry McCann called for example to be made of 'trolls'. SKY News reporter Martin Brunt doorstepped Brenda Leyland on 2 October 2014. She was then found dead in a Leicester hotel room. Brenda paid the price. She paid with her life.

Ex-Deputy Chief Constable, Jim Gamble QPM, congratulated SKY reporter, Martin Brunt, on twitter for doorstepping Brenda Leyland on behalf of Gerry McCann.

Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to Royalty: The Duchess of Gloucester.

Good Cop Down: The reality of being a police whistleblower