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"I think I am Ben Needham" man claims - Will be DNA tested

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Before they are whooshed. A selection

Post by PeterMac on 20.05.15 7:59

yer names not McCann and your not middle class enough!!!! and yer didn't leave yer kids on their own alone in bed!!!!

Never watch this awful show but I can guess if this had been the McCann's this would not have happened.

If she changed her name to Kate McCann I'm sure they wouldn't have cancelled. Says it all really .

Bet they wouldn't have have dared drop the McCann's from the show.

And yet the McCanns weary faces grace the screens on numourus occasions. Those two must have friends in very high places.

If their name had been McCann, she would have been on for 30 minutes ! Poor Needham family, felt so sorry for them when the young man turned out not to be Ben after he had the DNA test. There is only hope left, that when he is old enough he might recognise himself from the media !

Well to be fair she's got nothing to say what we don't know already
neither do the McCanns but the are always on the telly .

All unmoderated !



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Re: "I think I am Ben Needham" man claims - Will be DNA tested

Post by jeanmonroe on 24.07.15 10:28


Missing Ben Needham: Police to return to Greece

7 hours ago

From the section Sheffield & South Yorkshire

Detectives have pledged to return to Greece to investigate a number of leads in the disappearance of Sheffield toddler Ben Needham.

Ben was 21 months old when he went missing while on a family holiday on the Greek island of Kos in 1991.

His mother Kerry appealed for help to find him on Greek television in May.

On the 24th anniversary, police said they would return to the country "over the coming months" after receiving 200 calls in response to the TV appeal.

Det Insp Jon Cousins, of South Yorkshire Police, said: "There are several lines of inquiry that I'm looking at.

"There will be further visits to Greece to speak to other people I believe are significant and have some knowledge as to what happened."

He added that officers "will be visiting Greece over the coming months".

Earlier this year, South Yorkshire Police was granted Home Office funding to support the Greek authorities in continuing inquiries to find Ben.

Kerry Needham has always maintained her son is alive

Ben's mother, Kerry, travelled to Athens with South Yorkshire Police to appear on a missing persons programme.

The television programme, whose English translation is Light at the End of the Tunnel, broadcasts to about 50% of the Greek TV audience.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office previously said: "We have the deepest sympathies with Ben Needham's family and continue to offer them consular support.

"We are following this case closely and will fully assist South Yorkshire Police wherever possible."

Ben vanished on 24 July, 1991, after travelling to Kos with his mother and grandparents, who were renovating a farmhouse in the village of Iraklise.

In 2013, a DNA test carried out on a man in Cyprus proved he was not Ben.

An annual 'jolly' (to Greece 'when the sun shines') for the 'boys' (and 'girls')?

This will be the SYP, who 'ignored, surpressed and covered up' HUNDREDS of child abuse cases.!

HMIC said the review of the inspection included an audit of 28 child protection cases which related directly to the areas for improvement identified in last year's inspection report.

The inspectors found two were assessed as good, 19 requiring improvement and seven inadequate.

South Yorkshire Police is currently at the centre of two separate investigations.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating how officers dealt with cases in Rotherham, while the National Crime Agency has started a major inquiry into allegations of child sexual abuse in the town.

NOT 'reading' as a great 'advert' for SYP, is it?


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