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The next huge 'scandal'?

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The next huge 'scandal'?

Post by jeanmonroe on 16.05.15 12:04


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Re: The next huge 'scandal'?

Post by BlueBag on 16.05.15 14:20

Come on!

French commuters need to live somewhere.

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London cleansing

Post by willowthewisp on 21.05.15 12:14

Hi I do not want to sound racist,but when you see the amount of people being "displaced from society" and who the schemes are targeting, I would class this as a form of social cleansing on a colossal scale. Remember Westminster Council, Mrs Tesco!?
Whole communities and families adjusted to make way for people of more privilege to make "Money"?
They do not give a Toss about who they damage and lives they wreck, we are all in this together eh Dave?
Take a long look at the map generated by the previous elections and look at the amount of areas socially cleansed, no wonder the Labour Party are worried, when they finally seen too late what their mealy mouthed MP'S Gordon Brown,Alastair Darling, Jim Murphy etc spoke of no break up of the Union? Shame on them or is this real Democracy for the Scottish Nationalist Party!


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