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Is this the latest attempt to smear Goncalo Amaral? His supporters Hernani Carvalho and Carlos Anjos are being prosecuted for criminal libel Mm11

Is this the latest attempt to smear Goncalo Amaral? His supporters Hernani Carvalho and Carlos Anjos are being prosecuted for criminal libel Regist10

Is this the latest attempt to smear Goncalo Amaral? His supporters Hernani Carvalho and Carlos Anjos are being prosecuted for criminal libel

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Is this the latest attempt to smear Goncalo Amaral? His supporters Hernani Carvalho and Carlos Anjos are being prosecuted for criminal libel Empty Is this the latest attempt to smear Goncalo Amaral? His supporters Hernani Carvalho and Carlos Anjos are being prosecuted for criminal libel

Post by Tony Bennett on 11.05.15 15:14

An important story from Portugal surfaced late last week and I don’t think it has been reported on the forum yet (apologies if it has).

The following three persons face a criminal prosecution for libel:
Julia Pinheiro, presenter of the SIC TV station
Hernani Carvalho, political and crime commentator
Carlos Anjos, former police inspector and head of Portugal’s equivalent of our Police Federation.

Why is this important?

Because Carvalho and Anjos in particular have been active in promoting the views of Dr Goncalo Amaral about the Madeleine McCann case.
Here is a clip of Carlos Anjos stating that the McCanns put through an early call to SKY News after Madeleine was reported missing (the clip also includes the notorious refusal of Dr Geralld McCann to comment on whether he already knew Robert Murat:

Most here will also recall Carlos Anjos’ memorable quote about Clarence Mitchell: “He lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth”.  
Hernani Carvalho is a noted supporter of Amaral and can be seen in this clip here making comments on the McCanns, in early 2013, trying to settle their claim against Amaral. He states clearly, and with authority and knowledge, that the McCanns delayed the resumption of the libel trial because they were seeking a settlement with Amaral. He suggests that it is unheard of for a claimant, rather than a defendant, to seek to settle a claim (acknowledgement to Joana Morais for providing the clip and the translation and to HiDeHo for uploading the video to YouTube):

Julia Pinheiro is a TV interviewer/presenter for SIC TV, who frequently has Hernani Carvalho on her show. Here is an example of an interview between the two:

The story is also important because McCann-supporting blogs and forum are already smearing these two associates of Dr Amaral.
What are these three charged with?

They are charged with the criminal libel of a lady PJ detective, Ana Saltão. Her husband was also a PJ inspector.
In June last year, Ana Saltão
was found not guilty of the murder of  Filomena Gonçalves, the grandmother of her husband. He was found with 14 bullets in his body. Forensic evidence suggested that she was his murderer. But she was acquitted, I think by a panel of 3 judges and 4 jury members (Portugal does not have full-scale trial by jury as we have). It seems that at some stage last year Hernani Carvalho and Carlos Anjos gave their opinion on Julia Pinheiro’s show that Ana Saltão was guilty of murdering Filomena Gonçalves.
Possibly that is a criminal offence under Portuguese law. I do not know.
From my reading of the Google translations, there was a huge amount of forensic and circumstantial evidence that she was guilty (see ‘Second’ and ‘Third’ press reports below), including:
1. Burn marks on her hand from the discharge of a revolver (she said they were burnt whilst frying an omelette
2. Gunpowder residue in her coat pocket (her lawyers said this must be contamination in the police station
3. Her movements being unaccounted for at the time Mrs Gonçalves was killed.

Why is this prosecution of Carvalho and Anjos significant?

I suggest it can be compared with the criminal prosecution of Goncalo Amaral and four others for the alleged torture of Leonor Cipriano and alleged false reporting.
That case was founded on the evidence of Cipriano, who murdered her own daughter, Joana, aged 8, and tried to cover it up by claiming that Joana had been abducted. Cipriano was and is a proven liar who lied and lied about her detention by the police. The end result was that the alleged torture was not proven but that Amaral and another detective had prepared a false report on her detention. Thus Amaral, the detective who had put this murderess and liar behind bars, gained a criminal record and an 18-month suspended jail sentence on the basis of Cipriano’s tainted evidence.
That case was also of interest because on the very day that criminal proceedings against Amaral and four others began (21 October 2008), it was announced that Cipriano would now be represented by Marcos Aragao Correia. Correia was the Madeira lawyer who lied twice about why he became interested in the Madeleine McCann case. He later admitted that he was paid by the McCann Team to prosecute Amaral via Brian Kennedy and the disreputable Barcelona detective agency, Metodo 3.

When Corriea failed to prove the torture of Cipriano, but succeeded in winning for his clients [the McCanns] the criminal conviction of Goncal Amaral, he exulted in court: ‘The target was hit”.
It has been argued that the Portuguese justice system, for political reasons, handed down a conviction against Amaral to teach him a lesson for very inconveniently having made the McCanns suspects in Madeleine’s reported disappearance.

Could this prosecution of two of the people who have most strongly supported Amaral also be a political move – to smear, and convict, two of his most loyal supporters?

Carvalho and Anjos have publicly backed Goncalo Amaral. Many Portuguese agree with Amaral’s theory about Madeleine.
Many people in Portugal also think that Ana Saltão is guilty of the murder of her husband’s grandmother –and with god reason.
It seems that Carvalho and Anjos may be right about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and right about Ana Saltão murdering the 80-year-old grandmother of her husband.

Have Carvalho and Anjos just made too many enemies in the corrupt Portuguese establishment?

Below are some Google translations (a) about the prosecution of Ana Saltão and (b) about the prosecution of Pineiro, Carvalho and Anjos. Apparently, the mea0ning of Saltão in Portuguese is ‘Grasshopper’, and that’s how Google translation renders her surname. I will leave it as ‘Grasshopper’:



First press report

Uncle husband of Ana Grasshopper said yesterday before the Court of Coimbra's nephew told him, on two occasions, he was "99.9 percent convinced that the woman was the author of the crime."
“Só não era 100 por cento porque não queria acreditar que tinha sido ela”, especificou, logo de seguida. "I just was not 100 percent because they do not want to believe it was her," specified immediately afterwards.
Carlos Alberto de Almeida recordou que a declaração foi “categórica” e que, em ambos os casos, não houve nenhuma interpelação dos restantes membros da família presentes na ocasião.Carlos Alberto de Almeida recalled that the statement was "categorical" and that, in both cases, there was no questioning of other family members present on the occasion.
De acordo com o assistente e filho da vítima, o sobrinho revelou-lhe que iria pedir o divórcio da mulher devido a “gastos excessivos e saldos negativos”.According to the assistant and son of the victim, his nephew revealed to him that it would file for divorce the woman because of "overspending and overdrafts".
“O casal não remava todo para o mesmo lado”, especificou o tio."The couple did not paddled around in the same direction", specified the uncle.
Nessa conversa, Carlos Coelho revelou que já tinha decidido deixar o carro da família com Ana Saltão, aproveitando este facto para lhe pedir o empréstimo de um veículo automóvel que o tio tinha em Vendas Novas e de uma certa quantia em dinheiro “para recompor a sua vida”.In that conversation, Carlos Coelho revealed that he had already decided to leave the family car with Ana Grasshopper, taking advantage of this fact to ask you the loan of a car that his uncle had in Vendas Novas and a certain amount of money "to restore its life. "
O que é certo é que este pedido não teve, depois, sequência, com Carlos Alberto de Almeida a desconhecer as razões que conduziram a este fim.What is certain is that this request had not then following with Carlos Alberto de Almeida to ignore the reasons that led to this end.
Se a inspetora da Polícia Judiciária do Porto, Ana Saltão, vai ser condenada por matar a avó do próprio marido no dia 21 de novembro de 2012, é resposta que só pode ser dada na leitura do acórdão marcada para 8 de setembro próximo.If the inspector of the Judicial Police of the Port, Ana Grasshopper, will be convicted of killing her husband own grandmother on November 21, 2012, is a response which can only be given in reading the judgment scheduled for 8 September.
A data ficou ontem marcada depois de sete horas de alegações finais por parte do delegado do Ministério Público (MP), de Castanheira Neves, como advogado do assistente (irmão da vítima) e de Mónica Quintela, advogada de defesa da arguida.The date was marked yesterday after seven hours of closing arguments by the prosecution delegate (MP), Castanheira Neves, as assistant attorney (victim's brother) and Monica Quintela, accused the defense lawyer.
O MP pediu uma condenação de 25 anos para a arguida, por homicídio qualificado, considerando que, “com os elementos que tem, de certeza que foi a arguida que cometeu o crime”.The MP asked a 25-year sentence for the defendant, for aggravated murder, considering that "with the elements that have, for sure it was the defendant who committed the crime."
Por seu turno, a defesa pediu a absolvição da arguida, apelando a que “não haja alarde social” para que jurados e juízes tomem a sua decisão.For its part, the defense asked for the acquittal of the accused, calling that "there is no social splurge" for jurors and judges take their decision.
A advogada de defesa da inspectora da Polícia Judiciária Ana Saltão disse hoje no Tribunal de Coimbra que “não houve investigação” no caso em julgamento , de que a arguida é acusada de homicídio qualificado da avó do marido .The inspector of the defense lawyer of the Judicial Police Ana Grasshopper said today in Coimbra Court that "no investigation" in the case on trial, that the defendant is accused of first-degree murder of her husband's grandmother.
“Concordamos que este seja um crime bárbaro, mas mais bárbaro é perceber que não houve investigação”, disse Mónica Quintela, advogada de defesa de Ana Saltão, no início da primeira sessão do julgamento da inspetora da PJ acusada pelo Ministério Público de homicídio qualificado e de peculato (pelo alegado uso de arma que pertencia a colega da Judiciária). "We agree that this is a barbaric crime, but more barbaric is to realize that there was no investigation," said Monica Quintela, defense lawyer Ana Grasshopper, at the beginning of the first session of the trial of the PJ inspector accused by qualified homicide prosecutor and embezzlement (for alleged use of weapon that belonged to fellow Judicial).
Segundo a advogada, a investigação do crime que ocorreu na tarde de 21 de novembro de 2012 “terminou entre as 02H30 e as 03H00 da madrugada de 21 para 22″ desse mês, considerando que a partir desse momento a investigação foi feita “a cheirómetro”.According to the lawyer, the investigation of the crime that took place on the afternoon of November 21, 2012 "ended between 02h30 and 03h00 in the morning 21 to 22" this month, considering that from that moment the investigation was made "to cheirómetro".
MMónica Quintela referiu que “não há nenhuma prova” e que a defesa vai demonstrar “a falsificação dos autos”, que têm “informações deturpadas”, sublinhando que “esta investigação mete medo”.onica Quintela said that "there is no proof" and that the defense will demonstrate "the falsification of records" which are "misleading information", stressing that "this investigation scares."

Second press report

Ana Grasshopper, PJ inspector accused of killing shot her husband's grandmother, justifies hand injury with burning to make an omelet. Partilhe
Ana Saltão, a inspetora da Polícia Judiciária do Porto acusada de ter matado a tiro a avó do marido, em Coimbra, disse ontem em tribunal que estava sozinha em casa, na Maia, a dormir na tarde do crime.Ana Grasshopper, Inspector of Judicial Police of Porto accused of killing shot her husband's grandmother, in Coimbra, said yesterday in court that she was alone at home in Maia, a sleep in the afternoon of the crime. "Dormi durante a tarde e acordei às 18h00 com o despertador", afirmou Ana Saltão, de 38 anos, na primeira sessão do julgamento. "I slept in the afternoon and woke up at 18:00 with the alarm clock," said Ana Grasshopper, 38, the first session of the trial.
A arguida admitiu ter ido nesse dia buscar a filha ao infantário mais tarde do que o habitual.The defendant admitted to having gone that day to seek her daughter to kindergarten later than usual. Mas disse que o fez por não ter condições para estar com a criança por ter feito uma cirurgia. But she said she did not be able to be with the child to have had surgery. Para o Ministério Público (MP), isso aconteceu depois de ter ido a Coimbra assassinar com 14 tiros Filomena Gonçalves, de 80 anos. For the Public Ministry (MP), this happened after she went to Coimbra murdering 14 shots Filomena Gonçalves, 80. Mas Ana Saltão apresentou também uma razão para ter o telemóvel desligado. But Ana Grasshopper also had a reason to have the phone off. Disse que dias antes do crime o marido "entornou um copo de vinho em cima do telemóvel", causando problemas. He said that days before the murder her husband "spilled a glass of wine on the phone," causing problems. Explicou que na tarde do homicídio, a 21 de novembro de 2012, o aparelho se desligou sozinho. He explained that on the evening of murder, November 21, 2012, the unit was turned off alone.
Nesse jantar, em que o casal festejava o aniversário de casamento, além do episódio do vinho, Ana Saltão aludiu a outro acidente para justificar uma lesão que tinha na mão, que para o MP foi provocada pelos disparos da arma durante o crime.At that dinner, where the couple was celebrating their anniversary, besides the episode of wine, Ana Grasshopper alluded to other accident to justify an injury in her hand, which for the MP was caused by gun shots during the crime. A arguida diz que se queimou a fazer uma omelete.The defendant says that burned to make an omelet. A explicação levou o juiz a referir que lhe aconteceram "duas desgraças" nesse jantar. The explanation led the judge noted that it took place "two misfortunes" that dinner.
Ao ser confrontada com a existência de resíduos de disparos no casaco, disse que só poderia ser "por contaminação", quando a peça de vestuário foi transportada no carro da PJ, após a apreensão.When confronted with the existence of shots residue in her coat, he said he could only be "contamination" when the garment was transported in the car of the PJ after the seizure. O julgamento prossegue hoje, pelas 09h15. The trial continues today at 9:15 a.m…

Third press report

Inspector acquitted of murder recovery functions in PJ this Tuesday Tuesday, September 9, 2014 – The Associated Press

“If the court was convinced that the jury is very little likelihood of the defendant committing the crimes imputed to her [murder and embezzlement, in this case the alleged use of a weapon and ammunition to kill PJ], all exposed above the constraints do not allow, on the other hand, one can conclude with certainty that they were not charged for this, “concluded the judge president John Ferreira”, announcing the acquittal of the defendant for the use of the principle in dubio pro reu.  

“In closing arguments, attorney Monica Quintela, who defended the accused in partnership with Rui Silva Leal, asked for an acquittal without recourse to that legal principle – that sends favor defendants in doubt. But yesterday, just speaking of “full acquittal” because “there are certainties never” justified. A lawyer will still have to contend with the appeal of the prosecution, but for now, can give herself to be. Not only because his client was acquitted, but also because jury trials – three career judges and four ordinary citizens - were to meet the essential theses with the defense attacked the main points of the indictment.

This happened in particular when the court agreed that the PJ Coimbra incurred, to November 22, 2012, a day after the murder of Filomena Goncalves, 80, a “logical-deductive addiction which affected all research”. Upon learning that disappeared a Glock pistol at a matron with cabinet next to Ana Grasshopper, “the investigation found the defendant the main and only suspect in the murder,” the court pointed out, considering that this bottleneck prevented “other hypotheses” and conditioned “to own assessment of the facts resulting from the investigation”.
No direct evidence against the defendant, the investigation still collected a series of clues and coincidences, for the prosecution, the conviction that justified the maximum sentence of 25 years in prison. It was the case of the missing gun, the same model as the gun that killed the former butcher of Coimbra, and municiada with 14 caliber bullets, brand and also coincide with the batch that were used in the crime. The gunshot residue detected in a windbreaker defendant, the injury that had a hand or the fact that the phone is switched off on the afternoon of the crime were other clues that will reveal the prosecution to argue that Ana Grasshopper killed the grandmother of the husband, also inspector in PJ Porto, for money.

Tweets by mariaccnr

of Filomena Goncalves, the grandmother of her husband, also in Port police inspector . #PortoReview #mccanns
The inspector Ana Saltao, the Directorate of the Judicial Police of the North, is the only suspect for the murder...  #PortoReview



(1) Inspector of PJ takes Julia Pinheiro to court

The presenter of SIC tv channel Julia Pinheiro, the commentator Hernani Carvalho and the former inspector Carlos Anjos are targeted as part of a process of the Inspector of Judicial Police Ana Saltão, on charges of advertising and libel crimes. The trial, says the Journal News, started this Friday.

It is recalled that Ana Saltão was in September 2014, acquitted the husband's grandmother's murder prosecution, who died in November 2012 with 14 shots.

The same publication reports that the inspector "filed private prosecution against the three defendants and was accepted by a judge who recognized crime evidence and pronounced the 'stars' of Carnaxide station".

At the origin of the process is a line in the program 'Dear Mornings', the same season in which Hernani Carvalho comments on police cases.

The commentator described the inspector of the PJ as the "author" of the murder and wove "some remarks" about the same, according to the order of the authorities.


(2) Julia Pinheiro in the court of Maia

it started this Friday, in the Maia Court, the trial that opposes the PJ inspector Ana Saltão against the host of the SIC tv channel Julia Pinheiro, the commentator Hernani Carvalho and the former inspector Carlos Anjos, for the crime of advertising and slander.
The investigator - acquitted of her husband's grandmother's murder, which occurred on November 21, 2012, with 14 shots - filed private prosecution against the three defendants and was accepted by a judge who recognized crime evidence and pronounced the "stars" of the station Carnaxide.
The case relates to the integrated line in "Dear morning" the SIC, in which Hernani Carvalho said cases of police that are part of today's agenda and where he addressed the issue of inspector of the Judicial Police of Porto, referring to Ana Saltão as "the author" of Montes Claros murder, and weave "some remarks" about her personality, reads the indictment.
The judge held that "the alleged facts" in the television line by Ana Saltão "are not limited to the [alleged] authorship of a crime of murder." "They are not under the public interest populist and sensationalist messages that appeal to free feelings of indignation and revolt", also notes the indictment.
Ana Saltão watched the programs from the jail of Santa Cruz do Bispo, where she was held, and felt "embarrassed, humiliated and soiled" by the comments triggered, had also to be isolated. In court, requires compensation of 50,000 euros.
Julia Pinheiro is in Maia to respond and defend the charges at the first hearing. The first session of the trial began at 9.30 am. The second session takes place this afternoon and continues in May 22.


Dr Martin Roberts: "The evidence is that these are the pjyamas Madeleine wore on holiday in Praia da Luz. They were photographed and the photo handed to a press agency, who released it on 8 May, as the search for Madeleine continued. The McCanns held up these same pyjamas at two press conferences on 5 & 7June 2007. How could Madeleine have been abducted?"

Amelie McCann (aged 2): "Maddie's jammies!".  

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Is this the latest attempt to smear Goncalo Amaral? His supporters Hernani Carvalho and Carlos Anjos are being prosecuted for criminal libel Empty Re: Is this the latest attempt to smear Goncalo Amaral? His supporters Hernani Carvalho and Carlos Anjos are being prosecuted for criminal libel

Post by Joss on 11.05.15 15:34

Thanks for posting Tony. Wow Shocked 
This part is very telling
Correia was the Madeira lawyer who lied twice about why he became interested in the Madeleine McCann case. He later admitted that he was paid by the McCann Team to prosecute Amaral via Brian Kennedy and the disreputable Barcelona detective agency, Metodo 3.

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