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Clarence Mitchell fails - Page 2 Mm11

Clarence Mitchell fails - Page 2 Regist10

Clarence Mitchell fails

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Clarence Mitchell fails - Page 2 Empty Re: Clarence Mitchell fails

Post by plebgate on 10.05.15 11:06

@HelenMeg wrote:DC + Conservatives won the election with a majority - far beyond their wildest dream.  Murdoch clearly backed him.  They have much to do in the next 5 years - surely they need to get this whole
affair done and dusted as soon as possible and move on...
It was reported either in The Times or the I newspaper yesterday (can't remember which one, probably the I - would one of Murdoch's papers- report it) that the Daily Mail is now the most influential paper in UK.

aww never mind The Sun.

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Clarence Mitchell fails - Page 2 Empty clarence mitchell

Post by willowthewisp on 10.05.15 12:10

Plebgate, It is a pity that the Daily Mail who sought the truth in Stephen Lawrence murder have for some reason failed to use it's journalists to print unbiased facts of the Madeleine McCann case.Carter Rucks lawyers told the UK court that there was no evidence of Abduction, so who dreamt up the Operation Grange remit,"Stranger Abduction" one DCI Redwood, concluded and had interviewed the person carrying a child home,JT sighting 21.15pm 3 May 2007,JT identified RM as that person, who has his motherJM state he never left the house that evening, who was his boss,SDCI Hamish Campbell, framing of innocent person's Jill Dando killing?
Portugal PJ be very aware,remember the FSS results eh Stuart Prior,Martin Brunt 100% accurate eh Martin!
Gasper statements sent to PJ on what date?
Leicester Police force statement declaration,"Not totally innocent in the disappearance of Madeleine"
DCI Redwood, parents and friends non-suspects?

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Clarence Mitchell fails - Page 2 Empty Sunday express article

Post by willowthewisp on 10.05.15 15:12

Hi in reply to an earlier post.
At one time old newspaper was used to wrap Fish n Chips in, but was banned due to the Toxins from the ink!
Now it is the MSM headlines that are Toxic, "Monster cop minted by writing book about the parents of missing Madeleine McCann", along side classic Sardine Munches on three hour wine filled lunches, backward Police force?
Now we have sweet DCI Nichola Wall harmonizing influences of how to solve the mysterious case,with all those nasty elements preying on young people in Portugal( slanderous)how do they get away with it.
SY need to be more focused back in the UK admonishing appropriate sentences for the perpetrators of child abuse, after all it was not just carried out by the  former DJ's, media moguls, presenters, how about the upper echelons in society or are they not averse to the abuse of the innocent child victims?
Headline news, Prime Minister to re-energise and engage the people in society with a new initiative where Government departments will provide, Wall paper, paste and paint of one colour to redecorate Establishment buildings,all persons who are at present on JSA need to contact the relevant departments to ascertain as to whether or not they qualify for the initiative?
Previous experience not required as on the job training will be given and zero contract hours are applicable to all applicants, we hope this will be successful and hope to increase the scheme throughout the UK!

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Clarence Mitchell fails - Page 2 Empty Re: Clarence Mitchell fails

Post by PeterMac on 11.05.15 14:05
Posted by portugalpress on May 09, 2015
Maddie spin-doctor fails to secure Conservative victory in UK elections

Clarence Mitchell - perhaps best known as the media spokesman for the parents of Madeleine McCann - lost his bid last night to morph into a Conservative Party MP.
Mitchell, who used to be a PR advisor to the Labour Party, was pushed into third place behind the UK’s only Green Party MP Caroline Lucas - who held comfortably on to the Brighton Pavilion seat, even increasing her majority - and Labour’s Purna Sen.
With a total of 12,448 votes, Mitchell nonetheless managed to scoop 23% of the vote on a pledge to “work tirelessly to make Brighton a better place”.

Intriguingly, in his “About Clarence” bio, as well as the section entitled “More About Me”, Mitchell failed to make any mention at all about the years he has spent as a spokesman for the McCann family.

He did however cite various media roles and that as a trustee of Swanswell, the national charity that helps tackle problem alcohol and drug abuse, he brought “special insight and awareness” to some of Brighton’s “most important social issues”.

No mention of 8 YEARS tireless work.
No mention of 8 years of unqualified success - keeping the story alive in the press of the world.
No mention of the half a MILLION pounds - approx - he was paid over that time.
Neatly airbrushed . . .

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