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What did KM actually 'mean/allude to' when she said 'this'?

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What did KM actually 'mean/allude to' when she said 'this'?

Post by jeanmonroe on 06.05.15 11:02

KM: "I just feel closer to Madeleine here in Portugal, I mean I might be wrong, she might be closer to the UK."
How much 'closer' to UK?

France, Belgium, Netherlands?

The 'closest' countries to UK.

But not UK.

She had 'contacts' in Netherlands, didn't she?

Madeleine totally 'unharmed, in luxury 'lair' in Netherlands, 'waiting' for 'children found years later' REVEAL?

The McCann's ALWAYS 'champion' that 'outcome', don't they?

And all their friendly 'commentators' never fail to repeat that 'outcome' in 'interviews'.

KM has had eight years of only 'having to cope' with bringing up 2, instead of 3, children.

And we 'know' she wasn't 'coping' with 3 kids, because her own family members have told us.

2 kids, much more 'manageable'? (for her?)

The 'distinct, blatantly obvious' LACK of 'searching', for a 'lost' family member, by the parents and both 'families' SUGGESTS that they all 'know' exactly what 'happened' to Madeleine.

What did KM actually 'mean' by saying "...............I mean, I might be wrong, she (Madeleine) might be closer to the UK."?

Why didn't she 'say' might be CLOSER to Canada, Russia, USA, Brazil, etc.,?

WHY 'MIGHT BE'  'closer' to UK, in 'particular'?


eta: Are OG/MET 'in' on the 'joke/scam' or have the 'elite, experienced, detectives' at OG/MET, been TOTALLY 'mugged off' and 'out witted' by people far more 'clever', than them?

There are too many 'serving' and ex cops, now questioning and saying, 'there's something WRONG with this whole McCann 'saga' and OG/MET 'investigation'

'Coppers' noses' and all that!
" Err in MY opinion, you know, IF this WAS, IF there WAS any foul play bestowed on THEM" (McCanns)

RUSSELL JAMES O'BRIEN, (holiday 'friend' of McCann's) SIGNED rogatory interview STATEMENT 08/04/2008

" know because again this is something that WE'VE TALKED ABOUT, you know, IF she (Madeleine) 'was abducted'  you know, sorry...."

DAVID PAYNE, (holiday 'friend' of McCann's) SIGNED rogatory interview STATEMENT 11/04/2008


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