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WHY haven't I, or 99.9%, afaik, of 'posters' on CMOMM been 'told' to 'cease and desist'?

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WHY haven't I, or 99.9%, afaik, of 'posters' on CMOMM been 'told' to 'cease and desist'?

Post by jeanmonroe on 24.04.15 12:30

A cease and desist letter, also known as "infringement letter" or "demand letter," is a document sent to an individual to halt purportedly-unlawful activity ("cease") and not take it up again later ("desist"). The letter may warn that if the recipient by deadlines set in the letter does not cease and desist specified conduct, or take certain actions, that party may be sued.

Cease and desist letters are sometimes used to intimidate recipients and can be "an effective tool used by 'people' to chill the critical speech of gripe sites 'detractors'.

WHY have I not received one of these 'letters', for purporting, possibly, 'outrageous', (and not so 'outrageous' theories), regarding the 'disappearance' of a three years old child?

Am i 'in' the 'dossier' handed to MET police (OG) on September 9th 2014, by 'the McCann family'? (ref: Met Commissioner BHH)

If i'm 'in' the 'dossier' why have i not received a 'cease and desist' letter or have been 'visited' by ANY LE 'agency' in the UK?

'THEY' all KNOW where i 'live'..................I've told the police (MET/LP/NYP) enough times!

CR 'know' where i 'live' but nothing from THEM either.

Maybe i'm not 'deemed' worthy enough to receive a C&D 'letter'.


How MANY registered 'members' of CMOMM have actually 'received' a C&D 'letter' from CR or LE?

Apart from TB, presumeably.

Just  thinking , that's all.
February 10th, 2010.

GM: "Where... where, you know... where is... where... where is... where is... where is the child? We're looking for that evidence. Where is the child? What OTHER 'explanation' can explain how she's not here."


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Re: WHY haven't I, or 99.9%, afaik, of 'posters' on CMOMM been 'told' to 'cease and desist'?

Post by Richard IV on 24.04.15 13:49

Would they even bother to send one if you`re not wealthy.  You might say No, get stuffed, then what would they do?

I wonder if Brenda was sent one.
Richard IV

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Re: WHY haven't I, or 99.9%, afaik, of 'posters' on CMOMM been 'told' to 'cease and desist'?

Post by plebgate on 24.04.15 14:42

Don't know JeanM, but it could be because Mr. said he has no objection to anyone purporting a theory.

On this forum all I see is people trying to help as requested by Mr. & Mrs., - by asking questions.   No crime can ever be solved without questions being asked after all.

Wasn't it made known during the inquest that the people in the dossier had done nothing illegal andI believe it was also made known that the police were investigating the vile threats/tweets Brenda received before she died.   Not heard any news about that.

Maybe that's why we have seen the Moderator intervening on McCann tag because there is a police investigation?

Just a thought but it would make sense to me anyway.


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Posts removed

Post by Nina on 24.04.15 21:53

To prevent further posts from disrupting the thread I have removed three posts, one of them my own.

Not one more cent from me.

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