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Stranger danger to children vasty overrated

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Stranger danger to children vasty overrated

Post by biggles on 24.02.15 14:43

Interesting read from boingboing, debunking the myth of 'stranger danger'

A couple of select quotes:

"As with most crime and violence, children are exposed to the greatest risk either because of family members or their own choices"

"oft-spread claims that that 800,000 children are reported missing each year—with 300,000 children estimated to be sexually trafficked—are outdated or simply wrong"

"Of all children reported missing (whether the estimate or based on reports), 99.8% were returned home or located"


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Re: Stranger danger to children vasty overrated

Post by j.rob on 24.02.15 15:17

It strikes me that those who wish to promote the idea that strangers pose a huge risk to children might be those who have something to hide. This is what the Mcs and their friends have done from the very beginning, imo. Pointing the finger in the opposite direction. And the theme of Kate's book is very much emphasizing the scale of the problem of missing/abducted children. 

She writes: "We realize that Madeleine's abduction has been hard for every parent to bear. It has brought home to everyone how vulnerable our children are and how fragile out lives."

No, Kate, but nice try.

Rather Madeleine's suspicious 'disappearance' has flagged up the huge scale of the problem of child abuse. Which is so often covered up and hidden. And which very  often happens at the hands of the child's parents, wider family and friends and people who know the child. In other words, people who the child should be able to trust. This is what makes it such a heinous crime. 

It is such a terrible abuse of power. Those who should be looking after the child's best interests are doing quite the opposite.

And, as Kate writes in her book: "The majority of completed child abductions are parental/family abductions, with 16 per cent involving abduction by a stranger."

In fact, so rare is abduction by a stranger that in the USA, a country with a large population, there are only 115 cases of 'stereotypical' (stranger) kidnappings per year. Kate gives this statistic in her book.

It's fairly evident why the very adults who commit these crimes would want to suggest that total strangers are a risk to children. Thus pointing the finger away from themselves, imo.


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Re: Stranger danger to children vasty overrated

Post by mysterion on 24.02.15 16:55

Some stranger abduction cases are commited by women who long for a child and would never dream of harming him/her. Still a crime but not in the same league as evil paedos.


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