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Textusa - To haste or not to haste

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Re: Textusa - To haste or not to haste

Post by sallypelt on 23.01.15 12:46

An excellent piece of work. As Texusa has so skilfully pointed out, the case has been a overwhelming victory for Dr Amaral, not because he has won, but because he hasn't lost. Whatever the outcome of the verdict, Amaral has proved that everything he has written was based on FACTS taken from the PJ Files. Dr Amaral may have put out bits of information that aren't in the public domain, but the truth is the truth, whether in the public domain or not and Dr Amaral will know, eventually, what the verdict on this issue will be. Nevertheless, whatever the verdict, it won't be because he lied. 

Textusa sums up his blog, beautifully, when he concludes:

"What Amaral wrote IS NOW A PROVED FACT that it is documented in the investigation. It couldn’t get any clearer. Or more damning for the McCanns. The McCann ship is beyond repair. Impossible to recover. Impossible to whitewash.
Everyone is happy. Oh, except some people, of course".


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