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The lost honour of Christopher Jeffries

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The lost honour of Christopher Jeffries

Post by shabba on 14.12.14 10:44

Did anyone see ITV two part drama on Wednesday/Thursday-"The lost honour of Christopher Jeffries",about the eccentric ex-teacher who was wrongly accused of the murder of Joanna Yeates in Bristol.Interesting that ITV felt the need to take the opportunity to work comparisons with Murat into the script and also reference to the McCanns when talking about Leveson-Why them? Of all the people they could have used as an example of people who have been victims they chose them! It turned what was quite an enjoyable watch into a put my boot into the telly moment for me!


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Re: The lost honour of Christopher Jeffries

Post by Woofer on 14.12.14 11:06

I saw it Shabba - an excellent dramatisation I thought - great acting and camera work.

Yes mentioning the Mcs and Murat rather spoilt it but I suppose Murat had to be mentioned because that same lawyer had been successful with Murat.  But agree with you, why bring Sir Gerry and Lady McCann into it?  ITV are going to look a bit stupid when it all comes out.

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Re: The lost honour of Christopher Jeffries

Post by espeland on 14.12.14 12:40

K&G (and Steve Coogan) were in the dramatisation because they really were witnesses in the enquiry and the others were mostly newspaper people and in the main unlikely to be recognised by most of the public. It won't be ITV who will look stupid when it all comes out, but Leveson.

It was an excellent drama, which makes one wonder what will be forthcoming (not necessarily from ITV) when the truth in this case becomes known.

Edited to insert the word 'really'.



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Re: The lost honour of Christopher Jeffries

Post by Lance De Boils on 14.12.14 14:35

I watched it and found it fascinating. I, of course, have no idea of how accurately Christopher Jeffries' character was portrayed, but he came across as an intriguing, eccentric, thoroughly decent chap.

I admit that the references to the McCanns spoilt it all for me in the end. It would have been sufficient to mention Murat, simply due to having the same lawyer, but I felt that the inclusion of several references to the McCanns was unnecessary in the telling of this story. Seemed as though there was a concerted effort to put the Mcs in the same category as Mr Jeffries - ie, falsely accused of a heinous crime and wrongfully bashed by the press. But I'm afraid that, unlike Jeffries, we still don't know whether the McCanns were wrongly accused or not. They, to me, do not sit in the same category at all. If nothing else, because the McCanns courted, controlled and fed the press from the off. Mr Jeffries most certainly did not.
Lance De Boils

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Re: The lost honour of Christopher Jeffries

Post by comperedna on 14.12.14 15:13

It was a superb two part drama on two following nights. I think it is bound to come up for a TV award next year. It was brilliantly acted, especially the guy who played the thoroughly decent, completely innocent, and merely eccentric retired teacher who was Joanna's landlord. Of course, the reference to the McCanns jarred with me too! Why didn't they use the wholesome Dowlers instead, if they wanted an example of persecuted parents? (I'm not denying the tabloids treated the McCanns badly first off.... but look what happened thereafter with all the media manipulation by Clarence!) Millie Dowler's family was pushed out of all consideration once GM and KM became poster boy and girl for Hacked Off.

One of the funniest bits in the play, and there were quite a few, was where one of the two stolid detectives heard Christopher describe Joanna's boyfriend, whom he liked a lot as a bit... (oh damn I'm having a 'senior moment' and I can't remember what perfectly ordinary English word he chose) dour? stolid? anyway the DC didn't understand the word, and Christopher went into a long teachery explanation of what it means. Then there was his request for some hair spray to keep his wayward white locks from blowing about... then his incredulity at the takeaway food the other DC brought him. If it comes back again and you haven't seen it... do watch it!


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Christopher Jefferies

Post by willowthewisp on 23.08.15 11:57

Hi to all,
The documentary was repeated last night again, so I decided to watch the program.
As has been stated references were made to the Madeleine McCann case,Defamation,compensation, were the MSM sending sublime messages as to a person's guilt?
The difference noted, was that, Mr.Jefferies, complied with the investigation of the Police force throughout his questioning for three days and after they had turned his abode upside down found no proof of guilt to the likely charges against him.
Another comparison noted was that the guilty party,Mr.Vincent Tabak,"threw the Police off track" by pointing the finger at his Landlord,CJ?
We all know about being thrown off track by the Madeleine McCann,missing/Abducted,Murat saga,Leveson Inquiry where,Gerry and Kate informed the inquiry of press intrusion into their private life,"we were victims of the press" but failed to tell the same inquiry that they had infact paid 1/2 million pounds to a PR firm to keep them exposed in the press? 
Wasn't this deceitfulness? I don't suppose it is if you are not asked did you pay a PR firm to keep you in the news, but it sure wasn't the Truth, which I believe they took an Oath on?
Thankfully in this case the Police were able to bring the guilty party to a Court of Law and some sort of justice has prevailed, but they had the wrong person as a suspect for Murder, with No Evidence,Guildford Four,Birmingham Bombers, spring to mind?
Operation Grange,remit Abduction?_Police Commissioner Stephens,,Sir Bernard Hogan Howe,SIO Hamish Cambell,DCI Andy Redwood,DCI Nichola Wall and 31 special "Maddie cops, a bit like the Daniel Morgan Murder case or Jill Dando killing,eh Hamish?
They did have some unreliable dogs go around Mr.Jefferies abode, but did not sniff out any Sea Bass,Residues of Beef or Dirty nappies,eh Sandy,Michael,Gerry??


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