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A 'must' read......imo. - Page 2 Mm11

A 'must' read......imo. - Page 2 Regist10

A 'must' read......imo.

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A 'must' read......imo. - Page 2 Empty Re: A 'must' read......imo.

Post by jeanmonroe on 14.12.14 11:41

I should have also 'added' to my previous 'post' that the defence lawyers, quite rightly, pointed, alluded to, the FACT, that the McCann's libel case almost certainly 'relied' on HEARSAY, 'evidence' of their 'symptons' the mainstay of THEIR, not Madeleine's, 'claim' against GA., by their, paid to travel to Portugal ( by monies from Madeleine's 'fund) 'witnesses'

Although why a millionaire film 'producer/director' would need 'subsidising' from 'donations', by kiddies, handicapped kiddies and OAP's to a 'search' fund, to travel to Portugal, is anybody's 'guess'.

This was 'noted' by many of us, on this forum, also!

Hearsay, hearsay, HEARSAY!

Not a piece of documental 'evidence'  produced to the court, by the McCann's, to prove, their 'symptoms' were actually 'REAL'

And not forgetting KM's stated aim, for the libel claim, originally, was to get 'justice' for Madeleine, for what GA 'did' to her, in his book, NOT any 'damages' to herself and GM.

Their sudden 'claims' of damages to THEMSELVES, came a long time AFTER his book was 'released', and they 'knew' how 'profitable' his book had become. (a whole YEAR later!)

IF i'm ever 'in court' i WANT one of those defence lawyers to defend me! winkwink

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