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How Foreign Newspapers Portrayed the Disappearance of Madeleine

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How Foreign Newspapers Portrayed the Disappearance of Madeleine

Post by sallypelt on 30.11.14 21:59

There has been much written about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in foreign newspapers and blogs in other languages,  over the past 7 years. We know most, if not all, that's been written in the Portuguese newspapers, but not so much about what's been written in other newspapers or blogs. So, I think it's beneficial to have a thread entirely dedicated to translations about the case on a single thread. I suggest this thread will be used solely for this purpose. If anyone feels there is an interesting transcript, can they take it to another thread to discuss?

Here is a starter. I will post more in the coming days/weeks.


Translated from French to English.

SOS Madeleine McCann Never before in history, so many people became interested in the fate of a little girl.

Here is the virtual image of Maddie , 8,
 with the appearance that the child could have if she was still alive. The initiative, just days before the fifth anniversary of the death of the child, is part of the British tabloid " Sunday Express ", which , as he had done in the past wrongly attributes the origin of the image of FBI experts in the United States . This is not the first time that tabloid publishes virtual images of Maddie , attributing their origin related to so-called experts or belonging to the North American organization. Manipulation was confirmed to us by Special Agent Ross Rice, FBI in Chicago. " The virtual aging Madeleine McCann was directed by Jovey Mae Hayes, not by the FBI, " the agent wrote in April 2009 denying any relationship between the artist and the organization. In the picture published on Sunday , Maddie , who would now eight, has more defined physical characteristics , a longer nose, slightly thick lips

According to the tabloid , citing "experts" unidentified Maddie would now have a closer look of adolescence, with a stronger resemblance to her mother, Kate McCann. The child would now have eyes and hair with a darker tone. The disclosure of this new virtual image - the fourth - also coincides with the new version of promotional campaign " Madeleine" , the book by Kate McCann (more details here). Remember, Madeleine McCann disappeared May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz , southern Portugal. According to her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann 's disappearance would have occurred inside the room or the child was sleeping with his brother and sister.

19/10/2010   Portugal: Court overturns injunction Maddie 's parents

The Court of Appeal overturned Tuesday the injunction filed by the parents of Madeleine McCann against the book written by the former coordinator of the Judicial Police (PJ) Portuguese Gonçalo Amaral .
The decision to ban the sale of the book and the video was delivered on January 14 by Cunha Rodrigues Judge of the Civil Court of Lisbon, after a first provisional decision in September of 2009. The order was in response to an application filed by lawyer Isabel Duarte behalf of the five members of the McCann clan, it includes the missing Maddie .  The decision prohibited the marketing of the book " Maddie : The Forbidden investigation" - in Portuguese " Maddie : A Verdade da Mentira " - and the disclosure of a documentary with the same title that was originally broadcast by the ITV television channel and marketed with the daily Correio da Manhã .

According to a close by Gonçalo Amaral , former coordinator, who defends the thesis of the involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann in the disappearance of their daughter in May 2007, received the news " with satisfaction and relief that justice has been done. "  In France, the news was also welcomed by officials of a television channel that had previously purchased the documentary broadcast rights .  This morning, the court accepted the appeal by the lawyer Antonio Cabrita and ordered the immediate replacement of the book in the usual outlets .  The court decision also recognizes the right to speak of the former investigator who was previously forbidden to give interviews both in Portugal

and abroad.

Former Coordinator - police chief gets the right to speak  Gonçalo Amaral received the news with satisfaction considering that decision to the Court of Appeal came to " strengthen the Portuguese democracy " stressing that his book " was an exercise of citizenship, freedom of expression and that the ban was unconstitutional ."  The former chief - coordinator Portuguese PJ admits to being quieter now to deal with two other trials it is subjected by Kate and Gerry McCann.

times in the past , brought an action in the civil accusing the former policeman of defamation and asking this time 1.2 million euros compensation . In a second case, Gonçalo Amaral is accused by counsel for the couple to have violated the secrecy of justice.  " This decision means that at the moment Gonçalo Amaral Dr is free to decide about all aspects of the case McCann. Means that the Court of Appeal considered that Lisbon is not, and there never was , in the book and in the video no offense to the good name of the McCann couple and found that Dr. Gonçalo Amaral was merely exercising a legitimate right , reinforced over more than twenty six years of criminal investigation experience aid the lawyer António Cabrita representing the former coordinator head of the judicial police.
 As a reminder, the book Maddie : Survey prohibited supports the thesis that Madeleine McCann died inside the holiday apartment occupied by his family in the south of Portugal in May 2007, and his parents concealed.
 The decision to ban the sale of the book and the video was delivered on January 14 by Cunha Rodrigues Judge of the Civil Court of Lisbon, after a first provisional decision of September 2009

The McCanns have voluntarily limited their right to privacy  Today , the judges dismissed the injunction saying that " the content of the book did not violate any of the human rights" of McCann.  "The exercise of his writing and publication is contained in the constitutional rights guaranteed to all by the European Convention on Human Rights and the Constitution of the Republic of Portugal ( on freedom of expression and information and freedom of the press and the media) , " said the judgment of judges Francisco Bruto da Costa, Mando Arelo Catarina and António Valente .  About Gonçalo Amaral accusations that had damaged the reputation of the couple and violated privacy of McCann, the judges concluded that it is the couple themselves who " opened the door " so that others can speak about the disappearance of Maddie

" In that respect the privacy of applicants ( McCann ) , it is they themselves who have multiplied in interviews and media interventions , providing information that otherwise would hardly disclosed ." It is they who " voluntarily agreed to limit their right to privacy ," written off.


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Re: How Foreign Newspapers Portrayed the Disappearance of Madeleine

Post by sallypelt on 30.11.14 22:10

16/04/2012   Maddie : new book, but still no solution to the mystery Madeleine McCann - " Maddie " - is gone there almost five years. Now , through a clever campaign , his parents are preparing to launch the new version of a book that brought nothing to the investigation. - Nada ! Five years and a few million later, two teams "Cold Case" working on the mystery without making any solution ... That explains it

16/06/2011   New defamation case brought to Portugal by Madeleine McCann 's parents, According to a summons - I could procure - Madeleine McCann 's parents have decided to pursue defamation psychologist Paulo Sargento , the star presenter Manuel Luis Goucha and journalist Hernâni Carvalho .

11/06/2011   Private abandon the investigation Arthur Cowley, one of the last private detectives hired by Madeleine McCann 's parents, confirmed it had already abandoned the investigation. The following HERE

Book Maddie 's parents presented today in London Four years after the strange disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the parents presented today in London a book called the name of their daughter and tells their version of events of this strange case.  According to Kate McCann, the story - hardly a literary work - aims to " convey the truth " and will be translated into several languages ​​, including Portuguese and French .  Despite the reluctance announced by the couple about public presentation sessions, the official launch of " Madeleine" was accompanied by a press conference .  In the UK , Kate promote narrative and Gerry McCann had been entrusted to a tabloid who paid £ 200,000 ( € 227,000 ) in exchange for the scoop in publishing excerpts . An operation , a source of daily life, had " excellent results " .  In addition to a " good financial operation," the agreement reached with the British newspaper allowed the promotion of " Madeleine" - all previously selected excerpts have been featured on the cover of tabloid and were picked up by the media " world ".dropoff window  As a reminder, the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was reported to Lagos police (Algarve) , southern Portugal , the night of 3 May 2007.  Marred by conflicting statements and a lack of collaboration of various stakeholders in the matter - not to mention the political and diplomatic interference - the official investigation was eventually put on hold better  A decision of the Portuguese public prosecutor which technically lifted the status arguidos Kate and Gerry McCann. Remember, this is a Portuguese legal term that does not exist in many foreign countries, which means that there is evidence that the persons concerned have committed a crime

Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron Kate and Gerry McCann wrote to the British Prime Minister - the third to be well connected to the case - to request the reopening of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  The initiative, which coincides with the official launch of " Madeleine" , is perceived by some as a maneuver more torque to promote his book and attract public sympathy .  According to a spokesman for the Portuguese Crown , the open letter to 10 Downing Street " has no value to the Portuguese justice " - the official jurisdiction of which the investigation depends .  In the document, Kate and Gerry McCann say they want a review " transparent and independent " of the investigation , remember , has never been reached .  "The figure of the review - in the sense that they claim - does not exist in Portuguese law , it had to be told by their lawyers By cons , nothing and nobody prevents to make to the alleged file. new elements, or ask to lend to the reconstitution initially suggested by the police , "concludes the source.  Considered state of matter other Channel investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has suffered from the interference of several senior diplomats and even two prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.


Four years after his mysterious disappearance , a photo of Madeleine McCann may soon arrive in your inbox. In any case the assertion an Australian weekly , citing the small British aunts .
 According to Phil and Diane McCann, it will be 80% of Internet users worldwide .
"I ask everyone I know to connect this chain of emails because the case is not covered in the UK , Ireland and Portugal ," said Phil McCann emphasizing that the family believes Maddie is still higher than in Portugal.
 The purpose of this initiative, according to Diane , "is to bring out the detail in the eye of Madeleine" - information the already connected worldwide .
" The pupil [ eye ] flows into the blue-green iris" , specifies Diane McCann
 Maddie's disappearance was reported on the night of May 3, 2007 , in Praia da Luz, a tourist village and very quiet southern Portugal .
 A few days before the fourth anniversary of the disappearance , Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry , are preparing to publish a book that tells their side of the case.
 Originally scheduled to be presented on 29 April, the " Madeleine" book will finally be released on May 12 , "to avoid the coincidence with the media coverage of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton ."


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Re: How Foreign Newspapers Portrayed the Disappearance of Madeleine

Post by sallypelt on 01.12.14 11:27

09/08/2007 13:00 Corrieo da Manha

Suspected of killing and hide Maddie

Kate and Gerry are formally suspected of death and concealment of Madeleine's corpse.. The blood found in the car of the couple, which was only rented 25 days after the girl disappeared, did change the whole scenario. The conviction of the Judicial Police is now that it was the parents who killed the child, hid the body and then simulated the abduction

Gerry and Kate deny it and consider the allegations "absurd." . But they can not counter the cadence of evidence, though circumstantial, that the police have gathered in recent weeks.. Everything points to the death of the child in the apartment and to the fact that the corpse was successively changed location. What can explain the existence of blood Maddie in the car, which could have been obtained by contamination, for example a piece of clothing that dressed girl at the time of death.
. However, without the body is found, the authorities hardly advance to other coercive measures. . They want to avoid repeating the Joana case and the rain of criticism and even suspicions that then arose. The fact that they are two British citizens also leads the Judicial Police to take attitudes of some restraint.The steps are preceded by all care so as not to hurt "international sensitivities".

Sky News e só depois para a polícia. On the night of May 3 Kate called first for British television Sky News and then the police. . In addition, the notice is the disappearance of their daughter, only three years, Kate will have closed the apartment door and returned to the restaurant where he was the group of friends.  Let the little ones alone again and have gone to the British say that her daughter disappeared. The reports made to the police by several witnesses do not show any cries of distress or immediate requests for help.

[size=16]Also according to the CM found, at least two witnesses who suggest there negligence on the part of Kate for the children.  One is the English who lived in an adjoining apartment and guarantees have heard the girl screaming in previous days to call the father. The second is another woman also septuagenarian who says he witnessed conduct by Kate that raised suspicions about his performance.
The CM knows that Russell O'Brian's testimony also raised serious doubts researchers Judiciary. The English physician friend of the McCanns guarantees have gone to the nursery at 20:00, but then said to have not entered, only bothered to listen if there was noise in the apartment. The version is not considered credible, believing the police that the witness is not telling the whole truth.
The presence of sniffer dogs English was decisive for the volte-face in the investigation.

The vehicle used by the McCanns found what is presumed to be a bloodstain. . Analyzed in Birghiman, tests have revealed the case-identical DNA to Maddie.
 Dogs detect cadaver odor in Kate's clothes. The signal was given when approached a pair of jeans and a t-shirt used by the child's mother. The same trace was detected on teddy.
. The dogs detected the corpse of trace between the apartment and Praia da Luz. Authorities believe the child's death happened in the apartment and that the body may have been hidden south of the village.



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