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"We are very grateful to Dr Gerry McCann, a cardiologist"

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Re: "We are very grateful to Dr Gerry McCann, a cardiologist"

Post by SuspiciousMinds on 16.10.14 13:17

@aiyoyo wrote:
@woodforthetrees wrote:You'll probably find that the McCanns had no choice but to give the money to them. Most likely, the terms of the payout from the Times would be that they do not personally recieve a penny, but the paper would be willing to make a charity payment or 2.

I'm sure if they were in control of it, there's no way they'd dish out their winnings, errm, i mean 'victim money'

I doubt the Times can dictate terms who the award money should go to.
It's the McCanns money since they were awarded it and theirs to decide what to do with it.
Had it not been for the Metropolitan Police searching for Madeleine rendering their private detectives redundant I have no doubt at all they would have kept it in the name of the search.

If it's an out-of-court settlement, it's not really an "award" is it? It's an agreement between two parties to keep the case from going to court, and therefore I would have thought that The Times could stipulate any conditions they wanted to. If the McCanns weren't happy with it, they could have rejected the offer and gone to court regardless. But it wouldn't have made them look good if they'd refused the settlement on the grounds that the money had to go to charity, and it would have highlighted in a very public way the fact that the Madeleine Fund is NOT a charity which I think a lot of people still don't realise.

I think they grudgingly took the money and decided to use it for PR purposes, since it's no good to them in any other way.


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Re: "We are very grateful to Dr Gerry McCann, a cardiologist"

Post by jeanmonroe on 16.10.14 15:42

As Lowie Walsh, with remarkable, advanced foresight, might have said of a particular 'group' on 'fiX' Factor "They don't have the likeability factor, nobody will vote for THEM, they won't be popular. It dosen't matter how hard they try, people just won't be taken in by their sham performances. So the group i'm voting off tonight is....The McScams. I know you like them, and think the sun shines out of their 'bleep' Simon, but that's my decision. They are just too fake and everyone can see through them."


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Re: "We are very grateful to Dr Gerry McCann, a cardiologist"

Post by margaret on 16.10.14 16:06

@canada12 wrote:In Canada if you make a large donation to a charity you get a whopping credit at tax time.

Could the McCanns have been doing this for the tax break? Are there similar tax rules in the UK?

Good point canada12, I'm sure you do get tax relief on charity donations.

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Re: "We are very grateful to Dr Gerry McCann, a cardiologist"

Post by sonic72 on 16.10.14 17:38

It's just a blatant PR exercise. 

"Oh look at us donating money to a charity, doesn't it make us look good, and we get tax relief for making a donation" 

It's a win-win for the Mccanns.

But as someone said, where's the other £45,000 ?? 

As we know, they said in the press that they'd donate the £55k to charity, so they need to provide an audit trail for that. Did they think that by donating £10k people would think they have donated it all?! People will be watching and waiting to see, that's for sure...



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Re: "We are very grateful to Dr Gerry McCann, a cardiologist"

Post by Guest on 16.10.14 17:46

Yes, agree, sonic72.  It's also a distraction - look over here, (thank you, PeterM for this phrase).

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Re: "We are very grateful to Dr Gerry McCann, a cardiologist"

Post by roy rovers on 16.10.14 23:57

10,000 is the smallest 5 figure number. Maximum bang for minimum bucks.
roy rovers

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Re: "We are very grateful to Dr Gerry McCann, a cardiologist"

Post by Grande Finale on 20.10.14 23:20

The trust is headed by GM's Boss, Bit of "Brown Nosing" is obvious.

Martin Johnson has been a family freind of the Humphries for over 20 years.

The Humphries just happen to live around the corner from the Mccann family.

Angela Humphries has been a big support for KM.

NOTHING DONE without a reason !    prisoner YES YOU DID!
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