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Men in suits? Blood on whose hands? Motivation ?

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Men in suits? Blood on whose hands? Motivation ?

Post by bobbin on 07.10.14 8:21

Men in suits?  Blood on their hands? Motivation ?
Two references to Men in Suits, and then people are either silent or dead.
Either Brenda killed herself through fear/stalking/harassment
Was she killed ?
This is now an extreme situation, in the long McCann case where the Police Files from both the UK and the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria state that the McCs have NOT been cleared of involvement in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal.
We have seen police file facts distorted by the Media and the McCs (claiming they have been cleared when no court case has occurred to do such) and anyone who has questioned the veracity of what happened to Madeleine, a little girl who has no longer a voice and would be too young to use it, were she here to do so, is bullied, threatened, taken to court and fined, risking imprisonment.
We have seen police corruption exposed in parts of our most valuable defenders of the general policing force which defends our rights and our freedoms.
Yet, these corrupt few can wield such infiltrating control over the genuine and conscientious policemen and women, forcing a situation where no person/citizen, nor even police person, can feel safe to seek help or give information to the respective police authority.
Mrs. Theresa May, currently the UK Home Secretary, recently gave hope to all UK citizens, when she reprimanded the corrupt elements of the police forces and made it as clear as day that she would settle for nothing other than an honest law respecting police force, to serve the safety of the UK public.
She has then, in a shocking announcement, made a complete about face, with her own and her government’s latest putsch towards removing the UK from the European Human Rights Convention, with the claim that the UK will work its own agenda out
And that
People expressing their opinions in order to communicate their feelings to others will be hunted down, even if what they are saying or doing is NOT ILLEGAL.
Given that COVER UPS at government level are so common now that one has stopped counting, this represents a doubly dangerous situation.
We’ve seen it all before. History is littered with the same pattern of encroaching police state and lock down of the basic human rights of freedom of thought and freedom of expression.
Brenda’s DEATH is a brutal and chilling warning to all.
Whose interests were served in her death ?
The MSM ?  Losing control to the free expression in the market place of the Internet
The McCs ? someone getting too close to finding that ONE PIECE OF THE JIGSAW that Gerry McCann is always talking about and HOPING ? will be found.
The Government ? Is there a bigger interest here in keeping the lid on something that might expose a corrupt govt. involvement.
The Government ? as part of a global plan by the ruling few, to roll out a ‘lock down’ to control and reduce the masses.
When MEN IN SUITS start appearing, when agents in the media start behaving, as if with some higher impunity or authority, and act as a Police Force, accusing, and chasing someone to their DEATH, in place of the police themselves, then there is a CRISIS.
Brenda’s death, like Madeleine’s will not be in vain.
Brenda warned that if she were to be found dead, that her death should be investigated.
There are serious questions here and a DEATH takes the McCann case to an entirely different dimension.

Work needs to continue.


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Re: Men in suits? Blood on whose hands? Motivation ?

Post by Snifferdog on 07.10.14 9:08

I posted my post again here as us more relevant to this thread.

Re: Martin Brunt Confronts Twitter "Troll"
Post  Snifferdog Today at 9:08 am

Snifferdog wrote:I have just returned from a long weekend away and have just seen this; how awful. Did I imagine it? or did I read elsewhere that Brenda said should something untoward happen to her we should not take it at face value and question it. Smacks of a Jacinta Saldanha scenario imo. Rest in peace Brenda, may you be safely in our Fathers hands.
Found it on a tweet of Brendas that was quoted on an earlier post elsewhere.
Several people have today pointed to this tweet of Leyland’s from 11 November 2013.
# McCann. I would also hope that were I to die under strange circumstances people WOULD Q and not just accept the first version.
Before her encounter with Brunt, Leyland was a keen Sky News viewer. On 29 September, five days before she died, Leyland tweeted that Brunt had started following her on Twitter

# McCann Just noticed @skynewsmartinbrunt is following me, why Martin won't you investigate some of these facts and show neutrality?
This was the day she stopped tweeting and appears to also have been when the @Sweepyface account was deleted.

I believe Brenda to be of strong character, as it takes a strong character to buck the corrupt system we are supposed to believe, support and follow. She hardly sounds the type to commit suicide. More like suicided. Imo.
Do we trust what the blackmailed/bought and paid for mouth pieces, (the media), of the Godfather mafia characters ruling this world on anything to do with this case? IMO NO!
To people who don't bat an eyelid sending your loved ones off to a selfish money spinning war, it is nothing to get rid of a "nuisance individual".
I doubt whether the imminent divorce of Hodge and Freud will shed any light onto the Maddie case because although they may have marital problems, they will still have to sing from the same song sheet. There will be no snitching there - they collectively have too much to lose. All in my opinion, brought about by the public "flagellation" of Brenda, and the dishonesty in the reporting thereof. And the all to obvious protection of the McCanns, who are not being investigated in the disappearance of their daughter, especially as cadaver and blood dogs Eddie and Keela, who alerted to Blood and Cadaver in their holiday apartment, were ignored.

“‘Conspiracy stuff’ is now shorthand for unspeakable truth.”
– Gore Vidal

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