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Girl missing for 12 years, found in Mexico - -

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Girl missing for 12 years, found in Mexico - -

Post by PeterMac on 02.10.14 12:18

Before the McCann machine tries to capture this story
A girl who went missing from her home in Texas 12 years ago at the age of four has been found in Mexico.

Sabrina Allen was discovered living in Papalotla, Tlaxcala, near Mexico City, with her mother, Dara Llorens, who is facing a charge of aggravated kidnapping in the US.
The now 17-year-old girl disappeared in 2002 after a weekend visit with her mother. Both have been flown to Texas where Sabrina was undergoing therapy.
Her father, Gregory Allen, who had primary custody of his daughter following his divorce, said that the girl had been told that he was a wife beater and child molester.
He said that when he met her he was “going to ask her if I can give her a hug”.
“She's in pretty bad shape as far as my understanding... She was not living a regular life. She has not been going to school,” he said. “It was a big relief... now we get to start the healing process.”
The FBI said Ms Llorens, 44, and Sabrina assumed new identities and moved frequently to evade capture. It was unclear how long they had been in Mexico.
Mr Allen said the authorities were tipped off by a confidential informant.
Private investigators Klein Investigations & Consulting, which was involved in the hunt for Sabrina, said that when the mother and daughter were found on Tuesday there was a struggle during which a Mexican police officer sustained a minor injury.

So NOT an abduction, -   yet again merely a child in the custody of one parent, rather than the other one.



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Re: Girl missing for 12 years, found in Mexico - -

Post by Guest on 02.10.14 16:45

We are so happy this child has been found. And we do recognise that it was her mother who abducted her, but nonetheless, she was still abducted. Her father has been looking for her for 12 years.

This is why it's vital we keep Madeleine's ...profile high. She needs to be found and reunited with her family. Please continue to post about Madeleine and distribute her image. All it takes is one person to recognise her and end this heartache for her family.

Thank you for everything you do to help in the search. ~FM Webmaster

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