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Head Count

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Head Count

Post by .Guest.. on 30.09.14 21:06

Has anyone actually done a head count of all the possible players in this very confusing and misleading case?
 I am talking about actual cast members, not unsubstantiated extras such as Tannerman, Smithman etc, who may or may not be real.
My very quick total comes to 56 off the top of my head not including cleaners and waiters, sunglass sellers, ice cream vendors and authors of dubious books. I am sure there are many more I have forgotten for now.
My point is that that is one hell of a payout if they are all in it though some may be playing along not for monetary gain but a far greater goal and some may have  had the frighteners  put on them to comply. Some may even be entirely blameless of course.
It seems very odd to me that there is so little evidence of that little girl on that holiday. Too many things seem pre planned like the photos that appeared for circulation a few hours after she disappeared, which wasn`t even a current picture of her taken from the camera that was clearly seen on the table in the PJ`s photos or a still from the video camera I spotted on the desk in front of GM in JC`s delightful little interview with KM.
I am seriously beginning to suspect that MBM may have had a degenerative illness and had been farmed out to someone (or being nursed in a nice new extension )and was never in PDL that year. The parents would be funding her care which would be expensive so a plot was hatched to make money by coming up with an abduction plot. It needed a cast of thousands to make it work and a huge "Fighting Fund" would pay for it all. Tax free perhaps? Not sure if it would be but what a bonus if it was. Some of the cast could sue for defamation and get a legit payday that way and call me mad but the blood and cadaverine could even be planted to throw blame on the parents so they could have a whopper of a libel claim.
Poor MBM would not live long but luckily the parents had 2 perfect kids so that`s ok then and eventually the fuss would die down and life would return to normal.
This is all just fantasy of course but I wonder if ANY part of it could be true.


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