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Merciless, arrogant police oppress innocent motorist who WAS insured

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Re: Merciless, arrogant police oppress innocent motorist who WAS insured

Post by jowie on 27.09.14 8:12

Not an uncommon situation, as I have just posted my comment on the mail. It happened to me in February - a mistake made by my insurance company in not stating individual registrations on a fleet policy we have. l Have been driving fully taxed and insured for over 35 years. Although they didn't confiscate my car I was asked to produce my docs at our local station which I did but the issuing station did not pick it up so after seven days they issued a summons.  After many statements, phone calls and complaints to all and sundry and after four court hearings - all adjourned as I refused to turn up - I think I finally got through with my last complaint to the CPS as, since the last hearing which was in August, I have heard nothing.  I have also requested details of the cost to the taxpayer (still being one myself ) of this ridiculous farce.


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