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BOOK - Facebook comments - before they are Whooshed  Mm11

BOOK - Facebook comments - before they are Whooshed  Regist10
The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™
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BOOK - Facebook comments - before they are Whooshed  Mm11

BOOK - Facebook comments - before they are Whooshed  Regist10

BOOK - Facebook comments - before they are Whooshed

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BOOK - Facebook comments - before they are Whooshed  Empty BOOK - Facebook comments - before they are Whooshed

Post by PeterMac 11.09.14 23:11

Sorry (No, I am not sorry !) but this is not going to last so here they are.

Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan changed their cover photo.

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Pamela Gurney Freedom of Speech comes with responsibility and boundaries Andreia as Bennett found to his great cost, so don't be so sure of your rights.

Lorraine McNaught Holden Jacci Freimond Rudling do you have evidence of the abduction because Sy would appreciate it they have none yet

Jacci Freimond Rudling Touche Lorraine.

Lorraine McNaught Holden I'll take that as no then lol

Andreia Santos Amaral 's book is not of his own investigations... it is of the Portuguese and british investigations at that time... he published it to show the truth because the media was covering it all up... I have family in Portugal and was very surprised at the news reported there from the news reported here... that was nothing to do with Amaral and it was there that I grew suspicious.

Jacci Freimond Rudling Andreia, lately the tide has been turning on cyber bullies and those harassing others, social media or not, freedom of speech comes with responsibility. Slander is slander, no matter where it is voiced and some of the stuff said to and about the Mccann's will get people into trouble in court. I'm not saying you are slandering btw, just pointing out how the tide is thankfully turning.

Pamela Gurney Amaral threw suspicion on the family in his book which the PJ and AG did not have latterly. Of course every nearest and dearest comes under suspicion in the initial stages until they are ruled out.

Jacci Freimond Rudling Which they have been.

Andreia Santos Pamela you talking to me?  I never got your 100% answer, just out of interest? You can ask me an equally awkward answer as I appreciate it must be hard when facing posts from all sorts of people.

Lorraine McNaught Holden Misinformation from the book is Summers book right or Kate McCann's?

Look at this. I am only just into the book and it is factually wrong. He describes Madeleine as going sailing Thursday pm!

Now I am really really angry ...look at this passage
'After lunch, over at the Mini Club, nanny Cat Baker decided to take her charges out on the water. With Baker heading their ‘snake’, the line of children trooped down to the beach for an outing on a boat. As it was launched, Baker recalled, Madeleine ‘was fearful, and cried on my lap, “I’m scared.”’ She soon got over it, though. When some of the other children returned to shore, she stayed on board. After that, there was swimming. When handed over to Kate that evening, her mother was to recall, Madeleine seemed ‘really tired, very very tired’.'
We all know that they went sailing in the morning!

Pamela Gurney Someone has to start showing these people who slander and libel without a shred of evidence that what they say is true, that they will not get away with it. You'd have thought they'd have learned their lessons by now with the arrests and charges brought against cyber bullies and harassers just in the past year or two. They go far and beyond FoS on these forums.

Andreia Santos They weren't ruled out ... the arguido status was lifted because of political complications ladies... im Portuguese and heard the news myself.

Jacci Freimond Rudling Lorraine, didnt see your comment till now re the abduction, I think SY are looking at all aspects and scenarios, dont need any help from me.

Lorraine McNaught Holden Famous tennis photo tells different tale

Pamela Gurney I said 100% innocent Andreia.

Geoff Williams Killing your daughter is crossing borders of decency and humanity Pamela.Your both insulting people you and Jacci.your only way to debate is to slate other people and their lifestyles.neither of you have a shred of evidence to support your fantasies.Where is the pink blanket ?Where is the blue sports bag ?Whys did the hire car clock 7000 miles in a short time.Full time lorry drivers dont even cover that mileage.Where is Gerrys alibi?Why would they never take a polygraph ?Why did she call the people trying to find her baby "fucking tossers".Why did they lie about the windows ?Why did they lie under oath at Leveson ?Why have they made a business of the back of their daughter ?Why is she a ward of court ?Where was Madeleins dna in 5a ? Why did Mc Cann fly back to the uk for a pillow case?Why did she say "they have taken her"Why does Mc Cann lie when being interviewed ?Why dont they help find their girl ?Why have they never cried for her ? Why oh why ......

Stephen Farrant Pamela Gurney
You said S & S asked permission to write the book and they did not discuss the case with the McCanns.
Yet on Sky News this morning when asked Anthony and Robbyn said that they had had NO contact with the McCanns...and yet on ITV News this evening they said they had been in contact with them who then asked them to also contact SY!
I am confused!

Jacci Freimond Rudling This conversation is confusing me, what is the tennis photo showing?

Jacci Freimond Rudling Hulloooo Lorraine?

Pamela Gurney Nit picking Stephen over nothing.

Pamela Gurney The tennis photo shows nothing but some of them think it does!!!!!!!

Heather Hopper Pamela, Tony Bennett was not in court because of freedom of speech. Let's get it correct shall we?

Pamela Gurney I think you'll find that is what initially took him there and the High Ct Judge told him to stop discussing the McCanns (which he hasn't done) and that FoS comes with responsibilities and boundaries, and it does. The law of libel still remains.

Geoff Williams Economical with the truth Stephen...they have had contact to ask permission.

Lorraine McNaught Holden The tennis photo according to Kate McCann was taken at the time Summers is now telling us she was sailing Pamela Gurney? She can't be at both?

Jason Mills Jacci Freimond Rudling I suggest you do your research into the last photo by the pool and see for yourself! It's fake.

Andreia Santos That's a lot of charges and arrests Pamela ... theres over 50,000 people online wanting answers ...

Jacci Freimond Rudling Heather. Well actually he was, because he thought he could say any junk about them, and it turned out that even with freedom of speech you still have to make sure there is a mediocum of truth in what you are saying.

Pamela Gurney Small number Andreia in all honesty. There are billions of us in the world.

Jacci Freimond Rudling Oh, the pool picture I have heard all the theories as to it being fake, shadows, glasses and scullduggery?

Pamela Gurney Not interested in nit picking details Lorraine.

Jacci Freimond Rudling Andreia, There are a lot of people wanting answers who stay within the bounds of decency, there are others who have crossed that line ages ago.

Lorraine McNaught Holden Your not interested in nit picking details lol
No wonder you haven't got a clue about this case Pmsl

Pamela Gurney get some Tena Lady.

Andreia Santos How can you be 100% sure... even I can't be 100% sure of the opposite Pamela Gurney? Well, if you are then its pointless us even talking, how could we ever have a decent conversation, you would only hate me/ dislike me for having a different view to your own?

Lorraine McNaught Holden Oh Pamela Gurney im always in them when conversing with you my dear xx

Andreia Santos Jacci I do believe I am talking within those bounds... Pamela has been pointing out to me all day about me needing to be careful .... so im slightly confused! How do I ask the questions I doubt without judgement of being a hater?

Mark Tierney Pamela, what's so funny about Richard D Hall's documentary? Have you watched it? It uses the McCanns own words, the words of their friends, verbatim statements and official documents from the investigation. Why would you find that funny? It's very low budget, but that's because professional "investigative journalists" from major news organisations are loath to do any "investigating", but instead rely on approved press releases and leaks from the McCann's and Scotland Yard's PR team. I didn't find it amusing, I found it quite shocking and disgusting that we have been fed a heap of BS from day one by the mainstream media. Are you happy that we no longer have a free press, and journalists are afraid to look for the truth?

Jacci Freimond Rudling There is a difference between a person who questions, and someone who's whole life is dedicated to seeing the Mccann's damned.

Nygel Sylvester

Don't see how Madeline Mcann's parents can release a book and make money off the... See More
By: Deano Boroczky

Pamela Gurney Yes I watched all 4 boring videos and they sent me off to sleep like they have done to many. Boring is an under-statement in fact. His interview with Bennett ditto.

Jacci Freimond Rudling Nice chatting ladies and others. It's late in my neck of the woods - goodnight.

Pamela Gurney It is late here Jacci so I am turning in now. Goodnight folks.

Mark Tierney So you find FACTS boring, Pamela? As well as funny? The only criticism you have of his in depth investigation is that it is "boring". And he "makes you laugh". So, lets get over the boredom bit (you are right, they weren't exactly rivetting, but full of FACTS. So boring that it makes you laugh). What are your criticisms of the many, many FACTS presented in his videos?

Mark Tierney Jacci, I don't understand your comment. Anyone who questions enough will soon find out that the the FACTS themselves are enough to damn them.

Tom Van Hel Jameson Have you noticed one of the ONLY 2 likes here was from Pam Gurney! That woman seems to believe everything the McCann's say as if she was actually at the table wining and dining with them in the Tapas bar for the 5 FIVE nights they left their children home alone....Does Mad Pammy know something we dont or is she just devoting her life and loyalty to the McCann's as some kind of sick perverse wish to be part of their little lying clique?

Grainne Mccumiskey Turning into what Pamela,a human being?

Lorraine McNaught Holden From this novel where Summers doesn't mention these officers backed him the damages trial and agreed with his hypothesis lol

'For local chief investigator Amaral, as he would write later in a controversial book, the theory was questionable because he had had the feeling from the start that ‘something isn’t right in the account of events’. By midday, he would claim, he was concerned about what he saw as ‘contradictions and inconsistencies’ in the statements heard thus far from members of the McCann party. By late evening, after a long debate by his team, he said, there was concern about uncertainties that were ‘perhaps convenient for the witnesses, but suspicious for the investigators’. At this early stage, one of his officers countered, such suspicions were unfounded. The McCanns thought so too and would eventually sue Amaral for libel in connection with his book. The proceedings were continuing as this book went to press.'

Tom Van Hel Jameson oh by the way its nice to see Pam Gurney actually using her REAL Facebook profile and not some of her

Lorraine McNaught Holden Eddie and keela agreed with Dr Amarals hypothesis too lol

Tom Van Hel Jameson Funny how she goes to bed when she cant give facts and when everyone can see right through her well rehearsed lies.....

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