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robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Mm11

robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Regist10
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robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Mm11

robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Regist10

Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction?

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robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Empty Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction?

Post by sharonl 30.08.14 0:06

If Robert Murat did not abduct Madeleine, then there would be no evidence linking him to such a crime.  He must have therefore been confident at all times that he would never be charged and that his suspect status was a temporary one.

Murat claimed via the press that he was a scapegoat, he was apparently framed by the McCanns & their friends.  Kate McCann said that she hated him and wanted to kill him.  Yet, despite everything that went on, he defends that Madeleine was in fact abducted, his mother even set up a stall to aid the search and to collect information from witnesses would prefer not to go to the police. 

Murat threatened to sue Jane Tanner but as far as we are aware nothing ever came of this? 

Murat was accused of snooping at the PJ - why was he doing that?

Murat was also involved in a meeting with Brian Kennedy - how absurd, an innocent man in a meeting with the financial backer of the people who were allegedly trying to frame him.  Equally absurd is the decision of the financial backer to engage in a meeting with the prime suspect in the case.  What was really going on here?

At the end of all this Murat is cleared as he knew he would be because there is no evidence against him and he emerges £600,000 better off following a pay out from the press.

Looking at the vast amount of work that was involved in investigating Murat (extracts below), and that we are told that Madeleines' body may have been moved a number of times, upto and during the hire period of the Renault Scenic, late May 2007, I have the following question about Robert Murat and the PJ Investigation of him:

Was Robert Murat

a)  A genuine suspect in the case
b)  A Scapegoat - framed by the McCanns
c)  Part of a temporary plot to divert PJ attention away from the McCanns

Extracts from the PJ files detailing just some of the extensive work carried out by the PJ in investigating the wrong person.

External Diligence 12 May 2007 in Lagos

             Officers: Manuel P., Joao C. and Luis P., Inspectors
- From the items collected and conveyed in the case file documents pertaining to RJQE Murat, we determine that he makes use of a vehicle "VW Transporter", green, licence plate 44-77-KD.
- After finding the vehicle we mounted surveillance at Rua Agostinho ... Luz where the vehicle was parked.
- At 12h40 the observed person was seen leaving the house, getting into the vehicle and going to the town centre, stopping at Rua 1 de Maio, where he engages in conversation with various people, in our view, in a casual manner, like someone explaining something.
- At 13h05 the target goes to a roadside bench sited in Rua 1 de Maio, Luz. In this place he speaks with an elderly woman who was there in order to gather information about the disappearance of the child. This bench, it was clearly said in the media, is being attended by a lady who is in Portugal for several years, and who was there to receive information about Madeleine from people who had some reluctance to communicate it to the authorities. This woman is the mother of the observed person and identifies herself as JA Murat.
- Soon after the observed person goes to the pastelaria "Dom Doce" where he bought food that he took to the lady, his mother, very soon after, peeping into a vehicle that was also parked there, a Peugeot 206, licence RI-96-03.
- At 13h11 the target gets into his vehicle and leaves in the direction of Lagos. About 13h22 he parks the vehicle in Rua Adelina ... Lagos and goes inside number 8.
At 15h09 the observed person leaves in the car and proceeds to Rua Joao Moniz Nogueira, Lagos, parks the vehicle and enters lot B.
Some minutes later, 15h35, the target gets back into the vehicle and proceeds in the direction of the town of Luz.
- At 15h54 the observed person parks the vehicle near to "Casa Liliana" a little further along from where it was during the night, going then inside the Villa.
- At 16h41 he gets back into the vehicle and drives off to the centre of town, stopping next to the above-mentioned "Dom Doce".
Six minutes later, 16h47, he goes to an ATM of Caixa Credito Agricola situated at no. 2-4, Travessa 1 de Maio. He begins a conversation with someone, both speaking in English.
- At 17h01 the observed person and the above-mentioned lady load the bench and other equipment into the VW.
At 17h06 the target walks to Rua 1 de Maio, going down, coming to meet an individual about 180cm tall, thin, wearing glasses and an orange T-shirt.
At 17h09 he enters the premises of the car rental agency "Auto Vermietung - auto rent III" in the Largo da Igreja [church square], Luz.
About 17h16 the observed person leaves the rent-a-car and gets into a vehicle, Hyundai Getz, blue, licence 60-AX-86, going to Rua 1 de Maio where he stops next to the pastelaria "Dom Doce", entering this place accompanied by the bench lady.
At 17h48 the observed person goes in the Hyundai and stops in Rua Direita where he goes to "Batista" supermarket.
At 17h58 he leaves "Batista" proceeding to the EN125 and later to the A22, Portimao direction [direction: from West to East].
At 18h26 he parks the vehicle in the car park next to the Portimonense stadium in Portimao and, now on foot, at 18h31 enters the premises of the police.
At 20h52 he leaves the police station, goes to the vehicle and proceeds to Lagos.
At 21h16 he stops next to number 8 Rua Adelina ... Lagos and collects a woman who was waiting there for him. Then he proceeds in the direction of Praia da Luz and Burgau.
At 21h37 he goes along the detour of Praia da Cabana Velha, turns round and enters the Restaurant "D. Dinis".
At 23h35 the observed person, together with the woman, leaves the restaurant returning to Praia da Luz in the vehicle, there going ahead of him the other vehicle already referred to, the Peugeot, licence RI-96-03, which was transporting the elderly lady who was on the bench.
At 23h45 the target in his vehicle and the Peugeot RI-96-03 arrive at Rua Agostino ... Luz, opening the gates to Casa Liliana and parking the Peugeot inside. The target and his companion then go, in the Hyundai, to the centre of Praia da Luz.
At 00h47 the observed person releases [drops off] the woman who accompanied him next to number 8 Rua Adelina ... Lagos, heading shortly after to Luz.
At 00h55 the observed person parked the vehicle next to the gate of Casa
Liliana, entering the house.

Thus, suspicions fall on the target and for this reason sir, I am requesting that you suggest to the Magistrate to issue search warrants for his below referenced homes, given that only with such legal instruments is it possible to progress the investigation:

1. RUA AMALHETE, CASA LILIANA, LUZ, LAGOS, residence of the observed person and his mother, JA Murat, given that they live together.
2. Rua D. João Moniz Nogueira, *******, Lagos
3. Rua Adelina ******, residence of Michaela Walczuch
4. Rua Garret, ******, Lagos
5. Rua Lima Leitão, ********, Lagos

Equally we ask for search warrants for the vehicles:
1. VW Transporter *****
2. Peugeot 205 - *****
3. Hyundai Getz ******

We also request telephone conversation interceptions and recordings of the target's numbers, with the cellular locale indication:
1. ****** (number TMN)
2. ********.

The number of his mother JENNIFER MURAT:
1. ********

1. **********

Besides these numbers, we ask to proceed with the interceptions of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) where the same operate and may come to operate.

We additionally ask for a digitally supported detailed invoice and list of trace back and cellular localization of calls to the numbers listed above, in the period between the 25th day of April 2007 and the present date..

We also request authorisation for voice and image recording.

This being, the investigators await your consideration, sir, at your convenience, pursuant to these terms.

A search of the residences used by the suspect was required, this diligence being essential for acquiring evidence.

As this diligence is essential for the acquisition of evidence and in ordering the search warrant as promoted by the magistrate of the Public Ministry as being covered by the provisions of Art 174 n° 2 of the CPP which determines the granting of these warrants as laid down in articles 174 n° 2 and 3, 177 n° 1 and 269 n° 1a) from the CPP:

I determine that search of the premises should be made, carried out by the PJ within the scope of the ongoing investigation, under suspicion of the practice of the crime of abduction at the residences of the suspect, Robert Murat.

- in Rua Ramalhete, Casa Liliana, Luz, Lagos, residence of the suspect and his mother Jennifer Murat, where they both live and the annexes:
- Rua Joaoa Moniz Nogueira, plot B3 in Lagos;
- Rua Adelina de Gloria Berger, plot 8 1 C in Lagos, residence of Michaela Walczuch.

I also order searches in the following sites:

- Rua Garret n°19 in Lagos.
- Rua Lima Leitao n°19, ground floor in Lagos.

As well as search warrants for the vehicles:

- VW Transporter, number plate 44-77-KD
- Peugeot 205 number plate RI-96-03
- Hiundai Getz number plate 60-AX-86

Proceed to issue the search warrants with the mention that, in the course of the authorised search the rules and limitations foreseen in articles n°176 and n°1 of 177 of the CPP should be observed.

Because it is useful for the purposes of the ongoing investigation, under the conditions of article 269 n°1c and 2, 187, 1 and 188 of the CPP, I determine the procedure of the interception and taping of telephone conversations or any other kind of communication made from or too the following numbers 91 918 84 41 (TMN number) 91 368 75 18, 91 746 23 08 and 91 988 19 59 (TMN number) during the period of 15 days.

Each respective operator should be requested to provide a detailed invoice in digital form, register of trace back and location of the mobile phones with the abovementioned numbers relating to the period from 25th April 2007 to the current date, as well as the interception of IMEIS where the numbers operate or are seen to operate.

This information should be sent directly to the PJ, guaranteeing confidentiality for the operator.

Resulting from the process files, given that in the inquiries already carried out there are indications that are consistent with the abovementioned suspect having been identified as the author of the abduction referred to in the process files.

This action is susceptible of including the practice of child trafficking.

The crime referred to is classed in article 1 n° 1 of Law n° 5/2002(a).

As it is obvious that the diligence in question has great interest for establishing the facts being investigated given their nature, authorisation is given to collect images and voice recordings by means of video relating to the movements of the suspect on national territory (n° 1 of article 6 of law 5/2002, 11th Jan).

I hereby authorise the collection of image and voice recordings by means of video relating to the suspect's movements for 30 days, whilst observing legal formalities.

The image and voice recordings should be submitted for judgement after ten days of collection and the requirements of art 188 n°1 of the CPP should be observed.

External diligence carried out on Casa Liliana 2007.05.14

Today at 07h20, I, Joao Carvalho, together with three teams ( * ) who searched 2Casa Liliana" in Rua da Ramalhete ... property of R.J.Q.E.Murat, report the following:
- Arriving at the location, the owner was contacted who locked away his dogs then conducted Support Team 1 onto the premises;
- Initially, the entire area, internal and external, was identified. The internal area comprises an entrance hall, two suites with room and WC, one bedroom with a conservatory, a large reception room, a sitting room with conservatory, a kitchen and a pantry with a small walled kitchen garden, a machine room, a WC and an adjoining suite with private WC (bedroom of R.Murat). The external area comprises a shed, by a greenhouse, a swimming pool, a machine room and a storehouse (the latter two situated below the pool);
- The searches began by Teams A1 and A2, inside and outside, being accompanied by J.A.Murat, mother of the owner;
- In the course of the search two rainwater cisterns were found next to the pool. They were partly emptied to facilitate a search by a diving team from the Fire Department of Luz-Lagos (Commandants Paulo Reis and Rui Rodrigues). The work results were negative.
- The GNR dog team commanded by First-Sergeant A.Silva used four dogs to search for a trace of Madeleine Beth McCann in the entire property (inside and outside). The work results were negative.
- In the location were three vehicles - VW Transporter; Peugeot 205; Hyundai Getz - all of which were searched.
- The entire property was inspected by colleagues from Local Crime Section and Police Science Laboratory, with respective photographic reports made, with special focus on R.Murat's room and the vehicles.

( * ) [Names of the team members are given here in the report].

Everything was done according to the authorisations. Various items were seized and listed.
The work was completed at 21h00.

External Diligence performed on 15 May 2007 at a garage on Rua Manuel Joao Paulo Rocha in Lagos by two PJ Inspectors.

Within the scope of the house search at the residence of the arguido R.J.Q.E.Murat on 14 May, last, a 'Yale'-type key was seized which was on a metal keyring with a plastic label holder on which was written 'Garage 4'.
Attempting to obtain a definite address to which the object pertained, an informal conversation was carried out with Robert Murat in which it was determined that the garage was situated in a residential zone, specifically on Rua Manuel Joao Paulo Rocha, in the city of Lagos, and that it was used to store various materials.
When the arguido was told that it was necessary to search that location he made himself immediately available to accompany members of the PJ such that the garage was located and duly searched.

It is a garage designed to securely preserve a motor vehicle, having a PVC gate with a 'Yale'-type lock, and a manually-operated vertical sliding door system.
Having walked the full extent of the unit it was confirmed that it contained packaging of various things related to swimming pool maintenance and foodstuffs, objects whose ownership, according to the search, was linked directly to Michaela Walczuch, partner in the firm 'Romigen', a company founded and property of the person searched.
All the objects there having been looked at and physically examined by hand, nothing useful to the case was found and therefore seized

Murat 2007.05.15
Officers: Carlos L. and Joao F., Inspectors.

Today, as ordered, we went to the city of Lagos to determine the various residences used an/or owned by R.Murat or his family members.
--- Having gone to Elras Velhas behind the Celero restaurant, next to the EN125, in Almadena, it was possible to speak with a resident of the area having land next to Elras Velhas, who affirmed knowing Murat very well, having given him exclusive rights to sell some land when he worked for the Remax estate agency, and that his [RM's] mother had sold her Elras Velhas property long ago, not knowing exactly how long ago but he was sure it will have been during RM's divorce.
--- Visually checking the mail boxes outside the property the names of R.P.Harris and R.Elliot were noted.
--- At the address of Urb. Chesgal ... in Lagos it was possible to determine from the owner of the ground floor apartment that the referred apartment had been acquired by an individual named Miguel about 10 (ten) years ago, she also having stated that she remembers that the first owner had been a foreign female not knowing her nor remembering her name.
--- At Rua do Jogo da Bola - Lagos, it was not possible to locate the "Bora" café or any other commercial establishment. That café was then found on Rua Conselheiro Joaquim Machado in Lagos, the proprietor of which, in conversation, stated that he did not know R.M. nor had he ever seen him frequent his establishment.
--- With the intention of location Quinta do Sto. Phunurius, it was possible to verify that it was in Rua D. Joao III in Ameijeira - Lagos, and in conversation with several residents it was possible to determine that it was a Quinta [farm estate] owned by an English citizen and managed by a North American man who lives at Travessa do Forno in Lagos, the people also having stated that the Quinta is used for "parties" of a sexual nature.
--- It was not possible, however, to determine if R.M. currently frequented that Quinta.

'Information about search procedures
carried out at Casa Liliana

Having in view the recovery of items tending to complement the investigation
running under the above NUIPC, which investigates specifically the disappearance
of the English child Madeleine McCann, the performance of some external inquiry
work was ordered by superiors.
--- To do this an investigation team was built comprising [composed of] the undersigned
and colleagues Marques B. and Santos M., all Inspectors, which [team] revealed
[detected] the following result:
Action 1  [Operation 1]

About 10h30 yesterday (16 May 2007) a Portuguese citizen, born 1975, currently
living in Spain, Mr Valdemiro Alexandre M. do C. was personally approached in
Vila de Aljezur where he was holidaying in the family home at Rua 25 de
Abril ... in Aljezur.
--- In the perspective of a useful collaboration relating to the facts sought in
[the target of] the investigation, the above person came to state that he worked
at times in a company of distribution and support/maintenance, at home, of
electrical household appliances ['white goods']. Having seen and heard in the
media references to the home of suspect Robert Murat, residence named as "Casa
Liliana", he had the idea that he had been there once, about 5 years ago, to
provide support for a washing machine in the kitchen. As he recalls when the work
was done, the home owner went outside to a place with large trees, having opened
a cover [lid] at floor-level, covered by grass, from which she pulled a bottle
of wine that she offered to him. While he recalled this event, he thought that
that place could serve to hold captive the small "Maddie".
--- Conversing "in loco", it resulted [transpired] that Mr Valdemiro was not
completely certain of it having been "Casa Liliana". Asked if he could remember
the space in the house where he performed his work he stated that the kitchen
had been medium-sized, estimating by example the place in which we were
[standing/speaking], about 20 square-metres in area, long and narrow in shape.

He stated that the house had a swimming pool which was visible through a window
from inside the kitchen. Further, that at the time he did that work he was using
a Mercedes Vito or Sprinter which, due to its size, could not get through the
gate of the house. Faced with these indications the investigation team there
present, all exceedingly knowledgeable about the interior and exterior of the
Murat residence, had no doubt in understanding that Mr Valdemiro could not have
been referring to this house but to some other where he rendered a service, of
which, according to him, there were many. In truth it is impossible to see the
pool from the house of suspect Robert Murat through a kitchen window, given that
they are situated at opposite extremes. The only kitchen window that faces the
outside is situated above the kitchen counter and the only possible thing to be
seen is a patio, paved with Portuguese paving-stones, that serves as a car park
inside the property. Contrary to what Mr Valdemiro said, there are no trees of
large dimensions but only garden beds with small bushes. The dimension of the
Casa Liliana gate, to the naked eye, would give access to any light motor
vehicle and to heavy vehicles of low tonnage. In order to allow Mr Valdemiro to
immediately communicate any additional information on this matter, he was given
contact numbers for the PJ DIC Portimao, he being able to be contacted at any
time on 961... or 913... (brother), for additional clarifications.

Action 2 [Operation 2]

About 19h00 the same team went to meet Mr Taylor, an English Civil Engineer,
responsible for the original design of "Casa Liliana", and having been present
at all times during its construction.
--- This work had the objective of collecting information about the existence of
a trap-door giving access to an "empty" area below the house, as well as the
existence of any buried/underground features.
--- Next to the home of Mr Taylor, better identified as Desmond William Taylor,
born 1929, permanent resident holding a UK passport, situated at Quinta do
Pinhal ... Bispo, in conversation with him it was possible to determine the
--- He, from memory and given that it had been the last house he had designed
and built, he had drawn a "sketch" to provide a more concrete idea about the
house in question. Having analysed that document and compared it with the
official plan [blueprint] obtained during the investigation, there appeared to
be no significant difference worthy of remark. It was determined that the house
is built on very uneven ground, having been adapted through movement of earth,
removing earth from above and construction of a supporting wall, followed by a
'hole' covered with beams and supports in the lower part, creating an "empty"
space below the house extending the entire area of the lounge up to the outside

passage that borders the house. That "empty" space could have a maximum drop of
1,5 metres. During the construction access was maintained into this space, by
withholding a small number of supports, with a view to running all the plumbing
and drainage under the house, as was done. At the end of the work and after the
owner was asked if he wanted to keep that access or close it up permanently, the
owner opted for the second idea, the access then having been closed up with
large bricks. Mr Taylor stated that there was no other way into the space As for
septic tanks, Mr Taylor said the only one, in fibreglass, is nearby the pool
covered by earth. The highest part of it could be about 0,5 metres below ground.
From memory that tank was located in the area to the front of the bedroom
currently used by the mother of suspect RM, very close to the two water cisterns
adjacent to the pool which were built to collect and contain rainwater, with the
objective of optimizing the water usage [irrigation/watering] of the property.
The contact number 282... was furnished for any [further] useful clarification.

Action 3 [Operation 3]

Already today (17 May 2007), at 11h00, this team approached directly Mrs
J.Murat, who asked us into her home - Casa Liliana, for some clarification
understood to be useful. In that way, she gave us access to her main living room
for us to examine the floor covering and any irregularity that might indicate
where once existed the temporary access to the "empty" space beneath that part
of the house. All furniture being moved aside it was observed a regular floor,
made of large brick [tile] of equal composition across the whole surface. The
joints all appeared normal, with grouting the same colour indicating no recent
placement. The entire surface area was covered using a ground-penetrating radar
device without detecting any "hollows", that is, material placed beneath the
floor dissimilar from surrounding material.
--- Outside the house the kitchen garden was examined looking for evidence of
the septic tank, nothing abnormal was detected. That area is covered by
vegetation firmly rooted. No disturbance of the soil of any kind was observed.

While the cisterns exist next to the pool they had already been inspected
according to the document prepared on that work.

Not seeing the need for any further work in the place, this work was concluded.

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robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Empty Murat's 17 lies explained in more detail

Post by Tony Bennett 31.08.14 11:05

Without trying to answer the question in the OP, in my submission one of the starting points in any discussion about the role of Robert Murat in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann must be to examine why he comprehensively lied to police about his actions and movements between Monday 1 May and Thursday 4 May.

I have frequently covered this topic here under the heading 'Murat's 17 lies'.

There are still many people around who maintain - sometimes fervently - that Murat had no connection whatsoever with Madeleine's disappearance.

Yet not one of them has given any explanation whatsoever as to why Murat told lie upon lie about what he was really doing on those three vital days, 1st to 3rd May. Why for example did he fail at the first interview to mention his meeting in the Batista Supermarket with Sergei Malinka? What possible motive could anyone have for lying so much when asked by the police to tell the truth about a child who had vanished? I am still waiting for an answer.

In order to drive home the point about Murat's lies, I have arranged what Murat said first of all to police and then interwoven what he later confessed he was really doing for those three days.

Just by way of reminder, Murat first was interviewed by the PJ on 14 May, when he was made a suspect. That's when he told his lies.

He was re-interviewed on 10 & 11 July. That's when he changed his story in at least 17 different respects.

It's a little bit difficult to follow the changes of story. What I've done is to reproduce what he told police in black, and then I've interwoven his changes of story in July in blue. In doing so, I've used a little bit of 'poetic licence' by making Murat's replies more conversational, but I assure all readers of this post that I have faithfully recorded all his changes of story.

I hope you will take time to read and digest Murat's first account, then his very much changed second account, and then pause and consider for what possible reason he may have tried to withhold from the PJ where exactly he was on those three days and who exactly he saw.



First interview in black
Second interview in blue
I came to Portugal mainly to hold meetings to form a new real estate company, ‘Romigen’, with my girlfriend Michaela. Michaela and her daughter had accompanied me on my last three visits to England.

I didn’t remember some the details properly when interviewed on 14 May. Actually Michaela’s daughter was with us on only ONE of those occasions.

I spend much of my leisure time with Michaela, just going for walks. I use the internet to write to Michaela. I also watch the porn site ‘redclouds’, but not daily. [Note, in April 2010 the redclouds site boasted it was: “The hugest site for Girlfriends, Wives, Co-workers and Couples going really wild and beyond - the Explicit Section of the free Voyeurweb”.

I have six separate e-mail addresses, Michaela had three.

When in Portugal, I would have meetings with business partners, or future business partners, usually either at restaurants or at Michaela’s home in Lagos.

I had intended to return to England on 9 May, but had stayed behind in Portugal due to Madeleine’s disappearance, and because I was helping the authorities with translations. I changed my return flight to 12 May and now, at the request of the police, I’ve changed it again to 19 May.

Back in England I will be carrying on restoring my grandmother’s house. I had a medical consultation arranged for Monday 14 May. 

I use my mother’s car, a green VW Transporter, I don’t know the registration number. It’s being repaired at the ‘Autojoteca’ repair shop next to Torre, Lagos.

That was why on Saturday [12 May] I went out and rented, at my mother’s expense, a Hyundai Getz. 
I arrived at Faro Airport about 9.30am on 1 May, flying from Exeter. I’d been staying with my grandmother in Sidmouth. My sister Samantha has two houses, one in Alphington, near Exeter, the other in Exeter itself.

My mother met me at Faro.

I drove with my mother to a garage at the airport exit, where the toilets were unfortunately closed.
So I didn’t get any petrol there, but drove on to the A22, stopping at the first service station on the M24 motorway.

We had a meat pie and waffles and put some petrol in the tank.

We carried on and then stopped at another service station for coffee.

We went straight to my mother’s home, ‘Casa Liliana’ in Praia da Luz, arriving between 11.30am and 12.00noon.

Very soon after that, without stopping to unpack my suitcase or even entering his mother’s home, I went in the VW to see Michaela in her house in Lagos, arriving there between about 12noon and 12.30pm.
I had some gifts for Michaela and her daughter.

I remained in Michaela’s house until about 3.00pm to 3.30pm, chatting to all the family, including Michaela’s father, Luis Antonio.

I drank tea but I can’t remember if I had lunch there or not.

I drove straight back to my mother’s, arriving back there around 4.00pm.

I can’t remember if I went anywhere else on the way to my mother’s.

As far as I can remember, I stayed with his mother the rest of the day.

On Wednesday 2 May I got up around 9.00am.

I left home between 10.00am and 10.30am. I drove straight to Michaela’s home in Lagos in my mother’s VW, and arrived at 10.40am. She was alone there and we  talked for a while.

Sorry, that’s not true. I didn’t leave home by 10.30am. In truth I met with Sergei Malinka that morning at the Batista supermarket, at around 10.00am. I forgot to tell you that actually Malinka was also involved in the Romigen project, as he had been designing the website for the proposed company. Malinka and me left the Batista supermarket together. After that, I went to Michaela’s and brought her to my mother’s home. And later I took her back to Lagos.

I left after a short while, then drove to the centre of Lagos, I parked in one of the streets, and went to visit my lawyer, Francisco Pagarete. However, he wasn’t there. His girlfriend Sonia was there.

Sorry, I got that bit wrong as well. Actually, I now remember that I’d gone to my bank, the Credit Agricultural Bank that morning, and paid in, in sterling cash, the sum of 287.51 euros. The bank was just 200 yards or so from the house of my  lawyer, Francisco Pagarete. It was after going to the bank that I’d gone to Pagarete's house.  This sum came from a Lloyds Bank account in my or my  mother’s name, as I wanted to transfer it into his Portuguese bank account. Also I now remember that I paid an unannounced visit to Francisco Pagarate’s home at about 11.00am to 11.30am. I now remember that I called Pagarete on my mobile ’phone and arranged to meet him later that day.

I left and then went to meet and talk to my future real estate partners in a clothing shop, ‘Putos and Graúdos’, owned by a man called Jorge da Silva. The four of us  discussed business - Murat, Michaela, Jorge, and Jorge’s son Jason.

I don’t know what time it was by then. We all adjourned to a café, I can’t remember the name.  

Sorry, once again I’ve got that bit wrong too. In fact I did after all manage to meet my lawyer Francisco Pagarete that afternoon. I also forgot that two of Jorge da Silva’s sons were present at that meeting, not just one. Furthermore, I was wrong to have said that I went back with Michaela and her daughter to Lagos that day. I didn’t. Instead, I met once again with Jorge and his sons at the café in the Marina area, to carry on talking about their proposed business plans. We left the café when the owner said he was about to close it.   

After that, we went to another, quieter café, located in the Lagos marina area, so we could more easily discuss our business. I had a drink in that café but I can’t remember if the others did. Michaela paid the café bills.

About 2.00pm we left the second café. Me and Michaela walked back to the VW, moving on to have lunch in the ‘Bem Bom’ restaurant in Lagos. We ate roast beef. At about 3.20pm, we drove to the school of Michaela’s 8-year-old daughter.

Then we all drove to the home of Francisco Pagarete. This time, he was at home. I talked about my divorce to Michaela as we drove to Pagarete’s home.

After I talked to Pagarete about business affairs for some time, me and Michaela and her daughter returned to Michaela’s Lagos home. I can’t remember what we talked about. It was some time before Luis Antonia came back at about 9.00pm, by which time we had sat down to a dinner of pork or turkey.
I left Michaela’s home at between 10.30pm to 11.00pm. I parked my car in front of my mother’s house. I chatted to my mother who was still awake. I spent some time on the computer and played cards. I am sure that I as at home all that night, going to bed between 1.00am and 1.30am.

OK, I’ve got a lot of that wrong as well. In actual fact, what happened was this. I actually gave Jorge and one of his sons a lift in my mother’s VW Transporter to the ’bus stop, then I drove on to Lagos with Michaela and her daughter. We didn’t arrive back until 8.00pm. Then, Michaela began straightaway, to cook the dinner. I’m not sure now if Luis Antonia [husband of Luis Antonia] returned to the house that evening. I left Lagos between 10.30pm and 11.00pm and arrived back home between 10.45pm and 11.15pm. I drove by my usual route and I don’t recollect stopping anywhere. [The police now pressed him once more by asking if he had stopped anywhere on the way back]. No, I can state with absolute certainty that I did not make any stops or calls on the way back home. [The police now asked him if he’d made a telephone call to his lawyer, Pagarete, at 3.42pm that afternoon]. Oh yes, I remember now, I did. And I confirm I was up until around 1.30am that morning - my mother would often be up until that time, doing things like ‘feeding the cats and other business’ before retiring to bed.

Oh, and another thing I’ve remembered. During the afternoon of 2 or 3 May, sorry can’t remember which, I visited two apartments, both belonging to the same owner, near the ‘Rotunda of the Ball’, in Lagos, with Michaela. It about issues related to business’. The visits took about 20-30 minutes.
On Thursday 3 May, the day Madeleine disappeared, I woke between 8.00am and 9.00am. I had a bath, dressed, and had a cup of tea.

I left home at 10.00am, and presumably went immediately to Lagos to see Michaela. I can’t remember where he parked the car. Only Michaela was at home. We talked at length about our real estate business, mostly in the kitchen. We left Michaela’s apartment at about 12noon.

We took the road towards Portia and, before Odiáxere, turned off the roundabout on to the A22 Portimão-Lagos road.

I’m sorry, I got all that wrong as well. Let me tell you what really happened. I actually woke at 8.00am and left the house by 8.45am. I had to keep a scheduled appointment at a business tourist complex called ‘Gold Bunker’ in the Espiche district near Almádena. Michaela was with me. I’m really sorry I didn’t mention this before. [The police asked how come Michaela happened to be with him as early as 8.45am]. Er, I now remember that she had come over to Praia da Luz. We both drove in my mother’s VW Transporter to the meeting, arriving there at 9.30am. We had the meeting in Espiche [NOTE: IN her statement, Michaela Walczuk had claimed that this meeting had taken place in her own apartment].

We had lunch at a service station on the M24. We then returned to Michaela’s apartment and carried on talking about our business plans.

We collected Michaela’s daughter from school at 3.30pm and then met up again with Jorge and Jason somewhere in Lagos, adjourning to a café with a play area for children, where Michaela’s daughter played.

Look, I’m really sorry, I got that bit wrong as well. This is what really happened. I know I couldn’t remember this meeting when I spoke to you on 14 May, but me and Michaela met the female owner’s father-in-law [unnamed in the Portuguese Police files]. Sorry, I really can’t recall his name now, but he was a builder from Lagos. Then the owner of the ‘Gold Bunker’ complex [also unnamed in the PJ files] arrived to join the meeting a little later. We all then continued talking and all had lunch together. After that, me and Michaela went to the Marina in Lagos where we met with Jorge and his son again. By the way, I’ve remembered now that actually Michaela’s daughter, C______, did not accompany us that day - sorry for getting that wrong last time. I also need to tell you - another thing that I forgot - that we went to the Palmeras Golf Club that afternoon.  We stayed there until the time to pick up C______, i.e. around 3.30pm.   Jorge and his son Jason were again in the car. I  dropped them off near the Post Office on the way to pick up C______. The three of us then drove to Michaela’s house for 3.45pm and stayed there until around 7.30pm. I then drove straight home and didn’t stop anywhere en route.

We all spoke further about our plans for ‘Romigen’, carrying on talking until sometime between 6.00pm and 7.00pm.

When we’d finished, we gave Jorge and Jason a lift in my VW to the ’bus station, returning to Michaela’s at about 7.00pm

I left for my mother’s home soon afterwards, arriving about 7.15pm to 7.30pm. I can’t remember if mys mother was at home, but I think she must have been because by then it was too late for her to be out walking the dogs, which she usually did between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.

He think I may have made myself a cup of tea and then switched on the TV and maybe read a newspaper. I remember thereafter talking to my mother in the kitchen until about 10.00pm to 10.30pm about my ‘Romigen’ business project and I had a ham-and-cheese sandwich.

Contrary to what I said earlier, I didn’t speak to Michaela on the telephone, because between 8.00pm and 10.00pm, he said she had been at a Thursday night Jehovah’s Witness meeting, and she’d switched off her mobile ’phone. I might have spoken to her after 10.00pm, but I can’t remember.

Sorry, actually I do admit I made two telephone calls late that night, one to Sergei Malinka at 11.39pm and another at 11.40pm to Michaela. I don’t remember having making these calls, and I haven’t a clue what they were about, but I admit I must have made them. [NOTE: The Daily Mail was still, bizarrely, carrying on its website, in 2010, a public apology to Sergei Malinka for ever having suggested that the two men spoke with each other that night!].

I don’t remember being on my computer that evening, but I do remember hearing, at about 10.30pm or just after, a police or ambulance siren. I didn’t leave the house to investigate what that was all about.  I went to bed about midnight that night, waking up at about 9.00am the following morning (Friday).

After taking a bath and then talking to my mother in the kitchen, my mother told him that ‘something terrible has happened’.

Oh dear, I missed something out there as well. I now remember that I ’phoned Michaela at 8.27 am, though again I just can’t remember what it was about. I admit I woke well before 9.00am, the time I previously gave you. Sorry.

She said she had had SKY NEWS on and that a child had disappeared from Praia da Luz during the night. I and my  mother then went immediately into our garden, which had a fence about 3ft to 4ft high around it, to check if perhaps the child had somehow gained entrance to our property. We searched our greenhouse - with no result.

I saw a passer-by, an English-speaking person. I spoke to him. The Englishman, whose name I don’t know, confirmed that the child had vanished [NOTE: The Englishman’s name was Stephen Carpenter, the father of the ‘Hertfordshire’ family who had been dining in the Tapas bar with their children, alongside the McCanns and their ‘Tapas 9’ friends the previous night when Madeleine was reported missing].

The passer-by said the child’s name was Madeleine and that he knew Madeleine’s parents. I assumed that the passer-by must have been staying in the Praia da Luz Ocean Club Complex, as indeed the stranger confirmed. I then went to the Ocean Club with him and  there was immediately introduced to Dr Gerald and Dr Kate McCann, offering to help them in any way he could.  I thought I could help as he spoke both English and Portuguese...


Dr Martin Roberts: "The evidence is that these are the pjyamas Madeleine wore on holiday in Praia da Luz. They were photographed and the photo handed to a press agency, who released it on 8 May, as the search for Madeleine continued. The McCanns held up these same pyjamas at two press conferences on 5 & 7June 2007. How could Madeleine have been abducted?"

Amelie McCann (aged 2): "Maddie's jammies!".  

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robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Empty Re: Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction?

Post by cloak'ndagger 31.08.14 16:47

I read Textusa's latest blog which is rather long. I do not believe in all his theories but I do believe that the Tapas group were swingers and that Murat was merely the facilitator of these extra curricular activities.

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robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Empty Re: Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction?

Post by j.rob 03.09.14 14:04

Staff from Bill Henderson’s office suggested the name of Robert Murat as a reliable translator who could be used in the police inquiry, in the days following Madeleine McCann disappearance. Murat was already known among diplomatic staff, as he had letters of recommendation from Norfolk Police, where he worked for Bernard Matthews, one of the largest poultry farm companies in UK, which employs hundreds of Portuguese workers. The fact that Robert Murat has acted, before, as translator for Norfolk Police, and the recommendation issued by Bill Henderson’s office, at the time the British consul in Algarve, took police to accept the suggestion, according to PJ [Portuguese Police] sources. After Murat was named a formal suspect, Police went through all translations he has done, checking its accuracy, but no problem was found, according to the same sources. Bill Henderson retired from his diplomatic post and went back to UK in August.

Is Bill Henderson the 'retired British consul for the Algarve that Kate writes about in her book. On page 295 she writes:

"I got in touch with the retired British consul for the Algarve. He told me that he used to have regular monthly meetings with British tour operators along the coast in Albufeira, at which crime was inevitably one of the topics covered. At one of these meetings in August 2006 he had been informed by the tour operators of the spate of incidents I'd heard about the day after Madeleine was taken, in which an intruder had got into holiday apartments at night, climbed into children's beds and subjected them to various forms and degrees of molestation. It seemed the attacker would often lock the door of the parents' bedroom before assaulting the child. In one case the paedophile had put on some of the father's aftershave in an attempt to soothe or deceive the child. 

She writes more about these incidences, stating that it was believed that the offender/s watched for patterns and routines in a family's behaviour to establish 'weaknesses' in the security of their apartment and to determine in advance where parents and children slept.

"Cold shivers ran down my spine as it hit home that this might have applied to us."

She writes: "The British tour operators had been keen for this information to remain confidential (and you don't have to be a genius to work out why that might be."

"I pressed the former British consul on what happened afterwards. Had there been an investigation? Had anyone been convicted? He wasn't sure but that thought that an immigrant construction worker had been arrested and released pending trial, which was likely to take place some years down the line. Unbelievable."

And on page 323, Kate writes: "One of the most concerning and upsetting pieces of information to emerge quite early on was the record of sexual crimes against children in the Algarve. This discovery made me feel physically sick. I read about five cases of British children on holiday being sexually abused in their beds while their parents slept in another rooms. In three further incidents, children encountered an intruder in their bedrooms, who was presumably disturbed before he had the chance to carry out an assault. I guessed these were the reports that Bill Henderson, the British consul at the time of Madeleine's abduction, had told me about. 

Very interesting. So where is the evidence for all this? I mean, it must be true because Kate never lies, she says so in her book. And surely the British consul in the Algarve would not lie about this terrible spate of sexual crimes against children in the Algarve? Molested in their own beds while their parents slept  in adjoining bedrooms while on family package holidays?

 There are a large number of people that would be affected by this crime/privy to information on this crime.

1. The British consul and staff.
2. The British tour operators along the coast in Albufeira who had regular monthly meetings with the British consul and who wished to, according to Kate, 'keep the information confidential."
3. The specific British tour operators who were responsible for the provision of the holiday during which the sexual attacks on children, or attempted attacks, occurred. What are the names of the tour companies?
4. The five British children who were sexually abused in their beds while on a package holiday run by a British tour operator with their families  in the Algarve. 
5. The three British children who (woke up presumably) and encountered an intruder in their bedroom.
6. The parents - some of whom were locked into their bedrooms while the attacker pounced on their child - of all these children. (The abductor even used some of the father's aftershave, in one incident, according to Kate, to deceive the child.)
7. The Portuguese police force.
8. Medical professionals/Social Services/Counsellors and/or other professional bodies who would in the normal course of events be called in to deal with the aftermath of a crime of this nature.
9. Lawyers. Surely, if individual families learnt that there had been previous incidences of a paedophile attacker targetting British children on package holidays in the Algarve with their families, the families would ask why they had not been made aware of this danger? If the attacker/s were still on the lose, then he, she or they could attack again. So families might chose not to risk going on a package holiday (with specific tour operators maybe) in the Algarve? Or additional security measures would need to be put in place in those resorts. Increased police presence. Increased surveillance. And so on.

Not to mention the press! How come these incidences of sexual crimes against British children in the Algarve received, as far as I am aware, no publicity, whereas the disappearance of Madeleine McCann hit the headlines in the most dramatic fashion? 

Come on then, provide the evidence please Team McCann, Clarence Mitchell and the British Consul.  What happened to the "immigrant construction worker" that was arrested, according to Kate and as told to her by the British Consul?

I think we need to know so that families are not put off holidaying in the Algarve which, according to Kate, has such a terrible record of sexual crimes against children.

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robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Empty Re: Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction?

Post by j.rob 03.09.14 15:18

And of course, as Kate writes in her book, not only has the criminal who attacked children in the Algarve in 2006 not been found and brought to justice, as far as I am aware (despite the multitude of 'sightings' around the globe of Bundlemen, Pimplemen and Goodness Knows Who Men) but "let's not forget that the perpetrator of this monstrous crime remains at large."

Indeed. As always, from the horse's mouth!

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robert murat - Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction? Empty Re: Robert Murat - a suspect - a scapegoat - or a deliberate distraction?

Post by j.rob 03.09.14 15:36

At the end of all this Murat is cleared as he knew he would be because there is no evidence against him and he emerges £600,000 better off following a pay out from the press.

That's a nice tidy little sum for someone who used to work on a turkey meat processing line.

But isn't that a slightly odd job for someone whose father, "John, was a leading property developer and instrumental in transforming Praia da Luz from a fishing village into a high class tourist resort. He died from throat cancer - when Robert was 12 - and the family fell on hard times.

You would have thought that if Murat's father was instrumental in transforming Luz from a fishing village he would have made enough money to keep everyone in the style to which they were accustomed? . But perhaps being a 'bon viveur' didn't help. And falling out with his business partner may have been bad for finances. I wonder who Murat's father's business partner was?

"John was a canny businessman and exceptionally intelligent and he spotted the opportunity. He was widely respected, kind, generous, a bon viveur. He helped build Praia de Luz in partnership with another Portuguese businessman until they fell out."

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