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Open Letter To David Cameron

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Open Letter To David Cameron

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 18.08.14 18:04

Found on Facebook

Open Letter To David Cameron

WMT Editor 13th August, 2014 Open Letter To David Cameron2014-08-13T10:35:03+00:00 Clive Arnold. 1 Comment

Dear Sir,

There is less than a year till the next General Election is held and I wanted to inform you of how disabled people and carers view you, your party and the damage you have done to blight their lives.

You and I have nothing in common except that I am a carer and you were a carer. I come from a poor background you come from a wealthy/rich background. I care for how disabled people and their carers are treated, you don’t care how disabled people and carers are treated.

You can’t care how disabled people and carers are treated otherwise why allow your government to continue to hit them with changes to DLA which weren’t needed, the change to PIP is just a cost cutting exercise we all know that, DLA certainly wasn’t an “out of date benefit”. Why allow 25,000 carers at least to lose their Carers Allowance? Before you were in the role of Prime Minister (I won’t say ‘elected’ as Prime Minister because you were not) you thought carers were great people who deserved support. Since taking power you think carers are merely helping the work-shy to avoid getting a job.

Your grief at losing Ivan was there for all to see, but you show no concern for the people who have taken their own lives because of the worry of what you- because the blame for this has to come back to you David, what you are doing to vilify them or make their lives so miserable, so depressing, so full of fear that they committed suicide.

There will be a few more deaths before you leave office because that will be the result of the policies you and Iain Duncan-Smith have set out. I hope there isn’t but past events seem to indicate that there will be, these suicides will be on your hands, you HAVE to take responsibility for them.

Since you have been Prime Minister you have appointed four completely useless people into the role of Minister for Disabilities,

Maria Miller who was forced to apologise for exploiting her expenses.

Esther McVey, someone totally out of her depth when it came to matters relating to disability and merely repeated parrot-like sound bites to defend the cuts to disability benefits, the closure of Remploy factories, and the fact that 25,000 carers or more would lose their Carers Allowance thanks to the cuts sanctioned by you- a former carer, was another little nugget no one has really picked up on.

Mike Penning, whoosh, a few weeks and he’s gone! He showed as much promise as, well as a Nick Clegg promise. He too said what he was told to say by central office.

Mark Harper, where can I start? I know, the man who said “We have a good record and I don’t think disabled people have anything to fear from a Conservative government” ( Click here) and on the BBC‘s Any Questions programme on 10 September 2010 stated – when talking about people with disabilities “There are definitely some people in our country, and everyone in every community knows who they are, who are able to work, and don’t”

When Mark Harper was the also the immigration minister who was behind the controversial campaign that put “go home” adverts on vans to urge illegal immigrants to leave Britain, had to resign after learning that his private cleaner for seven years did not have permission to work in the UK. Hardly the actions of a decent politician, now disabled people have been lumbered with this *dishonest/inept (*delete which you think apply) politician.

Throw in disability denier Iain Duncan-Smith and you have a pack of Pit Bull Terriers set on vulnerable people by a former carer! Perhaps having these attack dogs trying to savage disabled people is a way of satiating your party’s blood lust because it can’t hunt foxes with dogs now?

Mr Cameron, you claimed it was difficult for people to get Disability Living Allowance when you were leader of the opposition, you didn’t say that you intended to make it impossible for people to claim it if you became Prime Minister, which is what you have done. It was not an “out of date benefit”, it did what it was supposed to do. The Personal Independence Payments on the other hand will mean disabled people won’t be able to access vital financial support that makes their lives a little easier. You said carers performed a vital role when it came to providing important care and support to the disabled people we care for, you didn’t say you intended to stop 25,000 carers from receiving Carers Allowance. And thanks for appointing the feeble Norman Lamb as Minister for Care Services, someone that has sat on his hands and done nothing productive for us carers.

We constantly hear that there has been an increase of about 30% of people claiming DLA, is there anything said about the corresponding drop of people claiming Attendance Allowance? While you might be getting the support of the knuckle dragging Daily Mail readers (contradiction in terms?) you have lost even the slightest support you might have had from disabled people and their carers. I hope that resonates through that empty chamber you call a heart (or brain for that matter)

Do you realise what a large number of the electorate they make up? Ask yourself who is more willing to go out and vote against you continuing your faint grip on the position of Prime Minister, a disabled person or carer who’s lives you have attempted to wreck? Or a Daily Mail moron who sits at his keyboard commenting on the very rare report of someone defrauding disability benefits?

Your time in office has been utterly shameful, you are a disgrace who had no mandate to run/ruin this country and the lives of the most vulnerable in it. You have lied to the general public, you have turned you back on disabled people and carers, you have betrayed the memory of your late son for the sole reason of rewarding the rich for getting the country into the mess it is in.

You refused to bring in a ‘mansion tax’ for the rich while making sure a ‘bedroom tax’ hit the poorest, do you really think people are so stupid as to not see you for what you are?

I’ve challenged you before to meet with disabled people and carers to explain to them why you appear to hate them with a passion, I am asking you again, in this open letter, to have the guts to meet with a group of us.

Here’s a few comments from us:

Just because my Dad for whom I was a 24/7 Carer died doesn’t mean I have stopped caring. I want it so that future family carers do not have as hard a time as I did. I now care for carers and ex-carers like myself – Liz

Replacing DLA with PIP, just an excuse to take away benefits off those who are most vulnerable. You should realise how much stress and anxiety this causes genuine claimants – Annie

What do you propose to do about giving the family unpaid carer ‘the right to a family life’ (under the human rights act) just like the criminals and asylum seekers are getting, carers cannot have a family life because care funding has been cut to the core, bedroom tax is forcing disabled people and their carers out of their homes even though family carers save this country millions of pounds every year. – Maureenho

I think it should be made easier to get Disabled Facilities Grants for adapting homes for disabled people who want to live at home. We were told last Sept. that what I wanted wasn’t an option we’d have to move to a bungalow. Earlier this year they came up with the idea I had in the first place. It’s been a nightmare, if they had listened to me last year it may all be done by now!!

Just a few remarks from carers and disabled people, and I’d like to add my own comment which is “when are you going to apologise to the families of those people on Calum’s List who have been driven into taking their own lives by the actions of you, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats?”

Nine months and counting till hopefully this country and it’s people realise what you are and what you have done and then kick your sorry backside out of number ten along with your whipping boy Nick Clegg.

In short, your report should read – totally inadequate at your position, inability to tell the true, ruined the lives of vulnerable people and should have resigned after the first disabled person committed suicide because of the welfare cuts you preside over.

But hey, I’m not an unreasonable man, get in touch with me via my email address (clivegsd AT and arrange to meet me face to face to explain why you have betrayed me and every other carer and disabled person in the UK, this is a genuine request, I dare you to face me and explain or defend your actions. I really hope you have the guts to face people like myself, bit I don’t think you do, prove me wrong!

Written by Clive Arnold.

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Re: Open Letter To David Cameron

Post by Snifferdog on 19.08.14 14:56

Cameron is also happy to send thousands of innocents, your children, grandchildren, brothers, friends, fathers, uncles, cousins and countrymen, to a war for the benefit of arms dealers, bankers etc, in short, the nwo clique. To make them richer, off the soldiers backs and bodies. You can be sure that none of their children will be out there in the firing line! Remember, the dead and wounded will be left to fend for themselves, and it will fall their loved ones to sort out the mess. Their repayment will be a pat on the back at the yearly memorial, but for the rest of the year, and the rest of their lives? A big fat Ziltch!!!

“‘Conspiracy stuff’ is now shorthand for unspeakable truth.”
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Re: Open Letter To David Cameron

Post by BlueBag on 19.08.14 15:04

War is a racket.


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