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The Burgau Apartment may have been for Official Agency Photoshoots

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Possible parallels...?

Post by missbeetle on 30.07.14 21:30

From review of Bridget O'Donnell's book - 'Inspector Minehan Takes A Stand' -

In one sense Minahan was lucky - the ‘Social Purity’ movement, dedicated to stamping out sexual exploitation of children, was gathering force and he soon teamed up with a number of like-minded figures. Among them was the editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, W.T. Stead. It was Stead who dreamed up a plan to kidnap a girl and take her out of the country - as if she was being smuggled into prostitution.

He would then run the story as a sensational exposé in the Pall Mall Gazette.

Unfortunately, in their eagerness to simulate a real abduction, Stead and his associates got rather carried away. Armed with false names and fake moustaches, they arranged for an innocent girl to be kidnapped, drugged and then subjected to a painful medical examination.

Afterwards there were suggestions, not entirely implausible, that Stead himself sexually assaulted her. As a result, the story created an even greater stink than anticipated when it became known.

The circulation of the Pall Mall Gazette shot up from just 12,000 to more than a million amid calls for an immediate change in the law. However, Stead’s arrest - for abduction - took much of the wind out of the Social Purists’ sails. Nonetheless, in August 1885 the law was finally changed - the age of consent was raised to 16 and new penalties introduced to prevent girls from being kidnapped, or sold into slavery

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(sorry about the jumping sizes of type)

I can see how this could be a 'sting' gone right for some and not for others.

'Tis strange, but true; for truth is always strange...
(from Lord Byron's 'Don Juan', 1823)

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Re: The Burgau Apartment may have been for Official Agency Photoshoots

Post by Woofer on 30.07.14 23:32

Yes its uncanny the parallels with BOD`s book.  It`s an interesting read and one could almost come to the conclusion that the author is more sympathetic to the perpetrators than she is to the poor trafficked young girls and the good Inspector who ended up destroyed.

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Re: The Burgau Apartment may have been for Official Agency Photoshoots

Post by sar on 31.07.14 10:30

@secrets and lies wrote:And thank you too LadyInRed.

Just reading your link makes my hair stand on end. The plot gets thicker and thicker-to use that cliche.

A potentially truly poisonous web. 

Over the weekend, at a social gathering,  I had a very interesting conversation with a respected actor about the case. He told me, in no uncertain terms, he thought the McCanns were innocent. And gave me all his reasons why.

I directed him to this site. I hope he reads some of these posts. 

It really does seem as if we are dealing with a situation far bigger than the tiny story the the papers/crimewatch etc, report on. The "abduction" debacle really seems to be the tip of a great big iceberg. Is this why there are SO many odd and intriguing coincidences that are there for all to see? They really are numerous and have been well documented. This is far more than "conspiracy theory".

And oddly, to leads me back to KM's alleged cry of "They've taken her", upon finding Madeleine "missing". WHAT did she mean? Had it something to do with the nice folks who might have organised this photosession? SO much to think about.
yeah could be the "they" who've taken her.  A bigger "ring that they knew about and the pics were posted as a warning to those who ran it.


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