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The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™   


Jill Havern | Published on the 20.04.19 8:44 | 885 Views


A. 60-80% sure,
B. Not a tourist,
C. Clothes made of ‘cloth’ or cotton,
D. Cream/beige trousers,
E. Date & time stamp,
F. ‘By the way he was carrying/holding Sean’

by Frank McLintock for the Madeleine McCann Research Group,

March 2019

Amongst all the witness statements in the released Portuguese Police files, there are six sets of remarkable and very specific ‘coincidences’.

There were three people who said they were 60% to 80% sure about the identity of someone.

There were three people who said they saw someone and who all said the person they saw was ‘not a tourist’.

There were five people who referred specifically to the clothes of an abductor/kidnapper wearing 'cream'/'beige' trousers and clothes made of 'cloth' or cotton.

There were two people who wove a complex tale about a photograph and who explained to police, in terms: ‘Look, the date and time stamp proves when it was taken’.

There were two people who were prepared to say that they recognised Gerry McCann as a person they had seen with Madeleine (in one case on 3 May, in the other case on 5 May), based solely on seeing a film of him carrying his son Sean down the steps of an aeroplane.

The details are below. 

A short analysis follows at the end.

A. 60-80% sure

Martin Smith

Statement to Leicestershire Police, 20 September 2007:  “I would be 60%-80% sure that it was Gerard [Gerald] McCann that I met that night carrying a child”.

Martin Smith: After initially declaring that he would never recognise the man he said he saw, ever again, over 4 months later he claimed he was 60-80% sure it was Gerry McCann. But soon after that, he began working on behalf of the McCanns and their private detectives, helping to draw up efits for their use: efits that were never released for 5 years

Jane Tanner

Jane Tanner said that she was 80% sure that a new suspect, later known as 'Monsterman' or 'George Harrison man', drawn by Melissa Little [e-fits] was the same person she had seen on 3rd May. But she clearly admitted, originally, that she had never seen the face of the man she claimed she had seen. So how could she possibly be as much as 80% sure it was the same man? Moreover, on 13 May 2007, just 10 days after Madeleine was reported missing, she had told police that she was adamant that the man she had seen on 3 May 2007 was Robert Murat. Her credibility on anything top do with Madeleine McCann is zero. Melissa Little was not as well qualified as she claimed, and was paid by the McCanns' agent and head of their private investigation, stinking rich Cheshire businessman Brian Kennedy.

Jane Tanner: Saw a man carrying a child, but not the man's face. Ten days later she said she was 'certain' that the man was Robert Murat. Later she decided she was wrong about that. Then the head of the McCanns' private investigation, Brian Kennedy, got a forensic artist, Melissa Little, to draw up an image of another suspect, a scraggy-looking man with a big moustache. She said she was 80% certain that it was the same man as the bloke whose face she had been unable to see, back on 3 May 2007 

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