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It is so often "within the family "

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It is so often "within the family "

Post by PeterMac on 10.03.14 15:48

'Ron touched me there': Mother's horror after casual conversation with three-year-old daughter revealed she was being sexually abused by family friend
Mother spoke to her daughter after hearing about NSPCC campaign
Advises parents to broach 'underwear rule' with their children
PANTS rule tells them no one should touch them under their underwear
Rachel was shocked when Hannah, three, said she'd been touched
Perpetrator was friend of family, Ron Wood, 60
He has been jailed for eight years

A mother was shocked and horrified to discover her three-year-old daughter had been molested by a friend of the family.
Now she's urging other parents to broach the subject of sexual abuse with young children to ensure they are safe and aware of what's right and wrong.
Rachel was stunned when her little girl, Hannah, (names have been changed to protect their identities), casually revealed that her private parts had been touched by Ron Wood.
He was a trusted friend of the family who Rachel had no reason to suspect was a child abuser.



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Re: It is so often "within the family "

Post by russiandoll on 10.03.14 16:06

Glad to read there was a result here.  I understand the need to keep it simple for little ones, but they also need to be told that is not ok for anyone to touch their genital area whether it is under their pants or not. The touch can be felt even though no skin to skin contact.
 Thank heaven this mother was clued - up and hopefully the child's age will mean a vague memory if not no memory.


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