was it 12 British suspects or 15?

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was it 12 British suspects or 15?

Post by haroldd2 on Thu 30 Jan - 18:07

Daily Mirror, 13 Oct 2013, pre-CW: "Madeleine McCann police closing in on suspects and ready to make arrests":

"(SY) have already identified 41 potential suspects around Europe, 15 of whom are British."

Daily Mirror, 24 Oct 2013, post-CW: "Portuguese police to restart Madeleine McCann investigation – five years after they dropped the case":

"(SY) say they have identified 41 'persons of interest', including 12 Britons who were in Portugal at the time."

Yes, both statements could be true if 3 British suspects weren't in Portugal at the time, but still...


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