Quiz to keep you going!

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Quiz to keep you going!

Post by Nightfly on Thu 5 Dec - 15:55

Thought I'd just test your knowledge with a little quiz - feel free to add your own - I just started the first ten and not in any particular order - I'll leave it for others to do!

Reasons that should bring about a knock on the door!

1.       Not searching on the night
2.       Not searching for last ? years
3.       Wiping away telephone calls and text messages
4.       Changing event line and timings many times
5.       Contacting reputation management experts within a short time
6.       Leaving children unattended for _days
7.       Refusing to answer PJ’s 44 questions
8.       Refusing a reconstruction by PJ
9.       Telling family members on the night that the windows were jemmied open
10.   Withholding important information about possible suspects for years


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Re: Quiz to keep you going!

Post by Mikey on Fri 6 Dec - 9:04

Deleted as could be libellous


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