Off topic but relevant

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Off topic but relevant

Post by PeterMac on Wed 4 Dec - 16:59

Andrew Mitchell accused a Police officer of lying and challenged PC Rowland to give evidence on oath about the episode as part of a libel action he was pursuing against The Sun newspaper.
The officer has just accused Mitchell of libel, and clearly WANTS his chance to give his evidence under oath.
The Tory MP David Davis, a strong supporter of Mr Mitchell, said: “We have been trying to get Pc Toby Rowland into the witness box to face the evidence and cross-examination under oath – and if this law suit by any means accelerates that, so be it.”

What was the old adage ?
Be very careful what you wish for.

Now, if only in another case . . .



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Re: Off topic but relevant

Post by Guest on Wed 4 Dec - 18:00

"Be careful what you wish for".
I'm reminded again of "The Monkey's Paw" ...


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