What will happen to them?

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What will happen to them?

Post  MissesWillYa on Wed 11 Sep - 20:39

I've been thinking lately about what would happen to Kate and Gerry if they either confessed to something happening to Madeleine other than the abduction, or if the investigation actually does uncover the truth and it points to them.

If they confess, what would be the likely chain of events?

If the SY investigation points to them, what would be likely to happen there?

I don't live in Britain, or Europe, for that matter, so I don't know all the nuances of the criminal justice system there. But I'm curious as to how it would play out, particularly in the event of a confession (since I personally believe that they know exactly what happened to their daughter). I'd love to read any conjecture or theories anyone has for possible outcomes or sequences of events.


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