Another one looting a "Fund" for personal gain.

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Another one looting a "Fund" for personal gain.

Post by PeterMac on Fri 16 Aug - 7:45
A man has been found guilty of stealing tens of thousands of pounds from a fund he set up to raise money for the treatment of children with cancer, including his own son.
Kevin Wright bowed his head in the dock as a jury of seven women and five men found him guilty of 10 counts of theft and two of fraud after a trial lasting more than five weeks.
Wright stole a total of £171,500 from the Bobby Wright Cancer Fighting Fund, including donations of £60,000 made by charities Caudwell Children and Janet Nash.
He set up the fund to raise money for treatment for his son Bobby after he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma - a rare form of cancer - at the age of three in 2005.
His son is now 11 and cancer-free.
Wright, 49, from Quince, near Tamworth in Staffordshire, also stole cash and credit balances from appeals he set up to raise money for cancer treatment for youngsters Callum Kaye, aged three, and Armani Mohammad, also three.
The money went into Wright's personal bank account to fund his 'interests, investments and personal lifestyle', Nottingham Crown Court heard.
Jurors heard Wright, who lived in Kenn near Exeter before moving to Staffordshire, gave £20,000 to a friend who ran a used-car business and that he put £60,000 into Premium Bonds.
Another £30,000 was used to buy the Toad in the Hole restaurant in Exeter, while a further £30,000 was invested in the Royal Oak pub in a village close to his home.



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Re: Another one looting a "Fund" for personal gain.

Post by tigger on Sat 17 Aug - 7:08

He should have registered it as a charity or a ltd. Co - could have paid himself what he liked.

At least this man invested it in what looks to be fairly straightforward enterprises.

An example how a small and initially truly charitable enterprise can corrupt those who run it.

Pay yourself ALL the income from a charity - no prison.

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.


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Re: Another one looting a "Fund" for personal gain.

Post by aiyoyo on Sat 17 Aug - 10:56

Well, he didn't have Mccanns template to follow back then.


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Re: Another one looting a "Fund" for personal gain.

Post by plebgate on Sat 17 Aug - 18:51

Disgusting abuse of trust. and a terrible thing for his family to have to go through now.


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