not only Jersey

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not only Jersey

Post  lj on Thu 8 Aug - 16:15

but many places have a dark past (and sometimes even present) when it comes to children in "care":

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Re: not only Jersey

Post  sallypelt on Thu 8 Aug - 17:01

Many of the victims were young black males who were sent to the reform school for seemingly minor offences such as truancy. Kimmerle's team found that pupil's deaths commonly followed escape attempts or occurred within three months of their arrival.

Dozier survivors, who call themselves the "White House Boys" – after a small outbuilding where beatings are said to have taken place – have come forward with stories of beatings, rapes and murders by staff during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Children as young as five are said to have been chained to walls or tied to a bed and beaten.

"I know of one that I personally saw die in the bathtub that had been beaten half to death," one survivor, Roger Kiser, told NPR in an interview last year.

"I thought he'd been mauled by the dogs because I thought he had ran. I never did find out the true story on that.

"There was the boy I saw who was dead who came out of the dryer. They put him in one of those large dryers."

Another former pupil, Marshall Drawdy, told the Florida Times Union that he say bodies "burned in barrels with diesel fuel".

"This decision puts us a step closer to finishing the investigation," said US senator Bill Nelson of Florida. "Nothing can bring these boys back, but I'm hopeful that their families will now get the closure they deserve."

Researchers are hoping to begin the exhumation process later this month, CNN reported. Despite the outrage over the dozens of bodies buried at the school, with former teachers mostly long dead, no charges are expected. The investigation may, however, allow families to reclaim bodies of their loved ones so they can be buried properly.


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