If Kate has 'forgiven' the 'abductor' what charges can SY bring?

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If Kate has 'forgiven' the 'abductor' what charges can SY bring?

Post by jeanmonroe on Wed 7 Aug - 14:01

So, IF the super SY McCann Cops do manage to find a patsy, surely they won't bring charges against them, because Kate McCann has already forgiven him/her for taking her daughter.

She will, no doubt, be standing right alongside the nasty person adamantly pleading for the perp not to be charged with anything relating to anything, due to her having given her forgiveness.

SHE has already forgiven the nasty person, for her distress, and would certainly not want to see that person punished at all, would she?

So what charges can the Super Cops bring?

Against KM's benevolence of forgiveness against anyone involved in the 'disappearance' of her daughter.

If there are none, then WTF are they doing in Portugal or elsewhere?


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Re: If Kate has 'forgiven' the 'abductor' what charges can SY bring?

Post by Guest on Wed 7 Aug - 14:31

It isn't Kate's place to forgive. 

To accept that Kate can forgive is to accept that she is the victim. She is not the victim. Madeleine is the victim and her fate, taking into account every possible theory from abduction to murder, can only have taken place because of Kate's actions or inactions.

As far as what the police can do, Maureen Greaves forgave her husband's killer http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-23103686 but he is still going to serve a minimum of 25 years.


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Re: If Kate has 'forgiven' the 'abductor' what charges can SY bring?

Post by lj on Wed 7 Aug - 16:26

Kate's forgiveness is just another example of her megalomanic narcissism. Plus rather hypocrite (nothing new there): forgive a fictitious abductor and get maximum (unwarranted) revenge on Dr. Amaral and Mr Bennet.

The woman is a basketcase imo.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry




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