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Richard Ramirez dieds at 53

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Richard Ramirez dieds at 53

Post by Ayniia on 09.06.13 13:23

Serial killer Richard Ramirez, Los Angeles’s “Night Stalker,” dies at 53

I confess I'm "fascinated" about serial killers because they are (most of them) very troubled people and I find interesting their life stories and what made them do the things they did. Ramirez will always be known for the one who did evil just for the sake of it. But he was also very intelligent. IMO death row is a complete stupidity. If they have death penalty (not even going to discuss that) but if they do and someone is convicted to death, just shoot them in the head and stop spending taxpayers money to feed,clothe and whatever to those people.

"Killing is killing, whether done for duty, profit or fun" Richard Ramirez 1960-2013

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