Rich Madman wants other mad people

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Rich Madman wants other mad people

Post  Inspectorfrost on Thu 28 Feb - 22:00

to go out into space for three years, just travelling and not landing anywhere and preferrably a long married couple, to live and fly in space in the same space as a shed, the idiot shoukd be asking for new lovers or something so theycan spend all that time shagging instead of nagging

Who are these people????


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Re: Rich Madman wants other mad people

Post  plebgate on Thu 28 Feb - 22:41

I would hate to go into space especially for 3 years.


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Re: Rich Madman wants other mad people

Post  Guest on Thu 28 Feb - 22:45

I'd like to nominate a couple from Leicester who have vastly exceeded their quota of 15 minutes of fame - as long as the journey is one way only.


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Space Flight

Post  iluvpelageya on Sun 10 Mar - 4:55

Why a married couple? Why not send my mother-in-law off on her own?


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