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Re: Not a f...... penny form me

Post by Casey5 on Fri 22 Feb - 19:51

My understanding of this, happychick, is that if Tony Bennett agrees that he will not request a lift of stay then the case is finished.
This scenario is what I based my questions on.

If Tony decides to go ahead and requests a lift of stay then the case proceeds and may end up in a full libel trial. But that's not a foregone conclusion as the lift of stay may be denied.


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Re: Not a f...... penny form me

Post by nobodythereeither on Fri 22 Feb - 19:52

@russiandoll wrote:Moa -vanilla : while I was rather puzzled at the title of this thread, I have to disagree with you about this. As far as I can judge it, there may be harm done from jumpng in feet- first with donations, whereas waiting will not be harmful to TB. There will be a deadline for payment of costs, time for donations to be made I would think.

I agree with you, russiandoll, and I don't think the request for donations should be on this site at this time.


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My view

Post by Letterwriter on Fri 22 Feb - 20:05

- Paying the "costs" - which are likely to be well over £300k since that figure was given a while back - is exactly what the other side want. Why go to great efforts to find the money for them?

- Even if Tony were to lose all his assets and his home as a result of this - well, that would make him a man with little else to lose - making him a very "dangerous" man indeed.

- As a follower of this forum, I have no trouble in chucking some money in the kitty but I will only do it once the costs issue is settled. I see no point funding these "costs" but have no problem helping towards TONY'S costs of his next fight (should he have the energy and the will)

Of course, Tony will have/will develop a preference in all this and when he announces that we should respect it. After all, it's been he who has been through it all. If he chooses to back away from all this I'm sure we'd all completely understand. Poor man must be shattered


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Re: Not a f...... penny form me

Post by Guest on Fri 22 Feb - 20:15

I've been fighting a couple of court cases [unfortunately without prior experience; I would have done better today, despite my "lawyers"]. One thing I've learned [but I'm talking Dutch law here] is that even when you win and get costs, those costs won't bear a resemblance to your real costs in hiring lawyers ... Would/could that be the same for the McCs? The recorded expenses by CR are outrageous. I bet Court would allow a "standard" fee ... I stand corrected, if I'm wrong.


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Re: Not a f...... penny form me

Post by Pershing36 on Fri 22 Feb - 20:17

I will air my situation.

My ex wife ran off with the man next door are they took my company credit cards and emptied my business accounts to nothing. The police and banks were not interested despite them buying new cars and ruining my business.

I refused to pay point blank. 5.5 years on nobody has recovered a penny out of me as I have the attitude and use it on the phone regularly to the powerless non court appointed debt collectors. "What are you gonna do do squeeze it out of me". To this date they have received nothing, not a penny. I have offered them to make me bankrupt to they decline as the bill is on them.

Offer them a weekly or monthly sum you can afford. Let them wait and sing for it no matter what they demand. As I have come to understand and offer of payment to clear a debt leaves the legal situation in a very awkward situation.

All you have to do is account for your spending against capital, of course you have to be honest. Might be worth taking out expensive private health care.


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