Is this the end game

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Is this the end game

Post by Trainer on Sat 26 Jan - 19:54

Just a possible theory,

Just a theory

Over the years the fund "could" have been skimmed of millions, with little info given in the accounts.
we are now told that the fund has been topped up by the last million from the book, (so the fund money is now their money is the eyes of many)
Now the court costs can't be paid so the case against the evil sardine munchers has to be dropped at the last post (they were so close to winning) and this last million gets used up in costs
Team mc are so disillusioned by all the anti,s and they have used up all their personal wealth and fund "searching" that now they just need to get away from the press and the public gaze.
Team mc now relocate to ? To persue the search in secret as they have info maddie is in ?
When they relocate they are reunited with the "missing" millions.

End game

Just a theory
End game.


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Re: Is this the end game

Post by Guest on Sat 26 Jan - 20:00

Well, I think we've all have had our thoughts about the important, not really documented, rather huge payments to ... ehm ... private detectives ...


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Re: Is this the end game

Post by roy rovers on Sat 26 Jan - 21:44

Somewhere sunny with no extradition treaty to the UK or Portugal would be nice. Brazil? No I think it has one now but Ronnie Biggs got round it.

roy rovers

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