Scottish Knights Templar

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Scottish Knights Templar

Post  Springers are FAB on Mon 15 Oct - 23:13

Hi everyone

I have no idea if anyone else has seen this but I was just browsing about Rothley and the Knights Templar and came up with this:

Note the Madeleine appeal near the bottom of the page!

Now, I have no idea what to make of this AT ALL but it does strike me as odd and worth looking at in view of all the rumours to do with Gerry and freemasonary.

The Scottish Knights Templar does claim to be a non masonic order however. Interestingly someone posted about a 'riddle' they had seen recently about Madeleine and the 'Molly Maguires'. I do know that the Molly Maguires played a big part in the Ancient Order of Hibernians which is thought to have been set up as a Roman Catholic equivalent of the Freemasons. (The RC church had forbade Catholics to join the freemasons).

Part of me is squirming about this because I have always said that you can tell if someone is unhinged if they mention the knights templar within half an hour of meeting them!!!

However why would this site/order be making such a 'thing' of the Madeleine case on its Homepage???

Oh dear, hope I'm not becoming a member of the tin hat brigade!! Just thought it was interesting.


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Re: Scottish Knights Templar

Post  david_uk on Tue 16 Oct - 9:53

Well the website is pretty amateur, I'm sure its one of many different site who have put similar messages on there pages out of goodwill.

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