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Genette Tate

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Genette Tate

Post by bristow on 15.10.12 19:05

I have always wondered about this case, does anyone remember it, the thirteen year old girl who mysteriously disappeared on a hot August afternoon in 1978 while doing a paper round? Her bike was allegedly found on it's side with the back wheel still spinning.
I can remember at the time there was talk of her father being a paedophile, something that always stuck in my mind but was never mentioned again.
In recent years Robert Black the notorious paedophile and murderer was assumed to have taken her, this now has been more or less proven not to be the case.
It looks like (as usual) we should be looking closer to (Genettes) home in rural Devon.
I have just found this fascinating site written by local people to Genette, they have gone into depth and have unearthed a mass of corruption, lies, false statements, child abuse etc.

Definitely worth a read if you were or are interested in the Genette Tate mystery.


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Re: Genette Tate

Post by Guest on 15.10.12 19:18

Yes I remember it well.

Apart from this blog, I have never seen anything to suggest that the serial killer Robert Black was not the number one suspect.

It was revealed soon after Genette disappeared that her father was a paedophile and his interest in his daughter seemed very unhealthy but there was no evidence to convict him.

Here's a link to a Mail story.


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