Phone call timing discussion/debate

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Re: Phone call timing discussion/debate

Post  tigger on Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:22 pm

@ShuBob wrote:Tigger, MO was rumbled and he knew it. He hadn't even made his first police statement when the photos of the scene were taken. How would they then know what he was going to claim and then manipulate the scene accordingly lol?

What worries me is this persistent lack of logic in all they say. They are doctors, according to their everyday logic if applied to their profession - they'd be leaving a trail of misdiagnosed and possibly dead, patients.

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Re: Phone call timing discussion/debate

Post  Monty Heck on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:06 pm

Strange seems never to have been any criticism of MO - does a check but doesn't see one child missing, then sent to get reception to contact police and but no-one takes any notice. Hard to believe the T9 never discussed who went to reception to request police and whom they spoke to, or asked at reception what time police were called. The McCs said they have 100% confidence in their friends, never thought anyone behaved strangely or were suspicious about them. They didn't raise any questions re the reception staff and whether they may have been responsible for the delay in the arrival of the police but began blaming the GNR from the moment they arrived. None of this seems the the plausible actions of rational people.

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