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Breakfast Arrangements

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Re: Breakfast Arrangements

Post by j.rob on 05.10.14 18:54

@jd wrote:Luis Miguel de Sousa Barros - Barman Millenium Restaurant

" His work requires responsibility and he is usually one of the last persons to leave, there being some margin for starting later the following day. Recently, given the scarcity of personnel, he has only had one day off a week. This is always a Thursday, coinciding with the day Madeleine disappeared.......He remembered being in the presence of the group Madeleine belonged to, composed of nine adults and eight children on the 28th April, the day they arrived at the resort. Apart from breakfast, which they would eat every day in the Millenium restaurant, dinner on Saturday night was the only meal they had there because the Tapas bar did not serve dinner on Saturdays. "

"When asked he says that on a date he cannot remember, the group, just the adults because the children were dining with the nannies, had been too late in making their dinner reservation at the Tapas, and an exception was made, authorised by his boss Steve, as the Tapas only provides for 20 dinners for half board clients as was the case.

He think that this request was made in order to be close to the children who had their meals with the nannies, and to be close to the apartments."

I didn't know of another day the adults eat on their own at the Millennium Restaurant. Maybe this was the Sunday?

I wanted to flag up the McCann and friends breakfast arrangements because I find it very difficult to believe that the McCanns would not have wanted to take advantage of the usually ample breakfast buffet (including cooked breakfast) laid on by Mark Warner. This is included in the cost of the holiday and it strikes me that both Kate and Gerry like to get their pennies worth, so to speak.

Young children usually wake up quite early and are raring to go. Making breakfast for three young children (and two adults) in a cramped holiday apartment when you have the option of wandering over to a restaurant where a large breakfast buffet awaits just doesn't make any sense at all. Why have all the mess and bother of spilt milk/messy tables/food on the floor in your own apartment when you can go to the buffet breakfast full of other young families and make a mess there? Breakfast is one of the big benefits of staying in a hotel. Why hide away in a cramped apartment especially when you have young children who want to play with other children?

It's a fun outing for the children who like choosing from the display. And it gets everyone out of the apartment in the morning. The McCanns I think said they borrowed a double buggy from Ocean Club (or there is a photo of them with a double buggy) so they could have taken the twins in a buggy if necessary.

And if we have (at least) one waiter saying that the Mcat Millennium after Sunday, then are the Mcs telling porkies about where they had breakfast that week? And if so, why? 

And how come this barman at the Millennium states that the children had their meals with nannies? I thought that the McCanns and their friends picked up the children for lunch every day (although I seem to remember Mark Warner holidays where children could have lunch in the creche). And in the late afternoon Kate writes that the nannies would bring all the children to the raised area next to the Tapas to meet their parents and have 'high tea'. 

So when would the children have been 'having their meals with their nannies'? 

And agree with others that if you are half board at a hotel, the waiting staff will make a note of your room number when you sit down to eat at breakfast and then again at dinner. I would imagine this is not just for records but also a fire safety regulation. 

But according to Kate in her book, Gerry made a trip to Baptista on Sunday to get 'a few bits and pieces for lunch, plus  some cereal, to save us making the trek to Millennium restaurant for breakfast each morning." Kate went there again on Monday evening. Just seems really weird that they chose to make their own breakfast and then their own lunch every day on holiday. When breakfast is included and they could, if they wanted, have had lunch at a cafe at least sometimes.


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Re: Breakfast Arrangements

Post by Okeydokey on 08.10.14 0:01

@uppatoffee wrote:Surely the reason for going to the Millenium and the Tapas restaurants were that they were the ones included in the Mark Warner package? Why would you pay half board for breakfast and dinner then go and pay to eat somewhere different? With three kids that would get expensive.


Textusa seems to get carried away on a wave of self-referential logic.

I am not even sure they ever said the Tapas was closed as Textusa claims...I seem to recall they said it was booked solid - an entirely different matter.

Don't like to do down anyone's contributions but I have always found Textusa full of promise but rarely delivering on anything.


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