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coincidences and the car hire.

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Re: coincidences and the car hire.

Post by HelenMeg on 08.04.14 9:46

@j.rob wrote:
@tigger wrote:I pulled this up because someone was wondering (on another car topic) on the mileage.
p. 272 "The meticulous record of events in my journals enabled us to account for every journey we made in the Renault Scenic, taking us to within a few kilometres of the much-publicized ‘unexplained mystery mileage of the McCanns’ hire car’ which, of course, was not a mystery at all.

I am stunned that KH exhibit 1 had this snippet in it.

Besides, I've not seen any mileage recorded in her diary, so what is the woman talking about?

Certainly a big red arrow pointing to a very sensitive subject.

So pre the the writing of the book, the mileage must have been discussed seriously enough to warrant this disclaimer.
Can't recall reading in the diary:  had some chocolate, Gerry contacted Elton John, walked to the supermarket for a bottle of New Zealand white and had a few glasses.  Mileage today: 4534.....or as the case may be: trip meter..
Or each time the car was used, by whoever did, For Kate was never a listed driver.
Adding up all those trips? Over more than three months?

The car has the answer, it seems.

Eta: who on earth bothers to record the daily or weekly mileage?  thinking
 Yes, the car has to be an important clue. The sniffer dog alerts, the open boot, the smell. the trips to the dump, the fridge (are there any records of that alleged blog from Gerry about taking a fridge/freezer to the dump?) and as you say, Kate helpfully writes that she 'meticulously' recorded events in her journal, which enabled her to account for every journey made in the Renault Scenic.

It is beyond extraordinary that the two people who were/are the most likely suspects were busily driving around in the weeks and months after their daughter's disappearance, presumably getting rid of any incriminating evidence, imo.

I am still wondering, though, whether Gerry and Kate were on quite the same page in all of the goings-on. Her comments on page 276 about her fears that Madeleine had fallen into the hands of a paedophile. 'When she was first stolen, paedophiles were all we could think about, and it made us sick, ate away at us.'

"Tortured as I was by these nauseating images, it's probably not surprising that even the thought of sex repulsed me."

These passages then lead on, unfortunately, to Kate worrying about her and Gerry's sex life (page 276) . Why on earth she chose to include any of this is bewildering. Many things are best left unsaid. For all sorts of reasons.

However, she writes: "I worried about Gerry and me. I worried that if I couldn't get our sex life back on track our whole relationship would break down."

And what then, what would happen if their whole relationship broke down? 

There would be a break in the chain. Something might give presumably.

It's as though Kate has to believe in Gerry. "Deep down I knew there were only two solutions: bringing Madeleine back or conquering my mental block. Since the first was not within my control, it was up to me to try to train my mind and my thought processes. So this is what I applied myself to doing."

Of course, there would have been another solution or even several other solutions to , but, for whatever reason, Kate does not want to 'go there'. 

I wonder why not? It is as if her very life depends on "staying together" and "staying strong for our family."

I find these passages quite revealing. Although they also disturb me.
I think the pages are revealing or potentially revealing too - but for a different reason. Anything Kate wrote in this book had a purpose - it wasn't written from the heart -everything was designed to make the 'reader' think what Kate and Gerry wanted them to think. She is writing this book knowing exactly what happened to Madeleine and how she disappeared. However she wants us to think that M was abducted and that she is distrauight not knowing what happened to her. The book was a tool - a case for their defense - so I have to disagree with you - nothing in it is 'real' - it all has a purpose.  Every sentence will have been scrutinized by her and Gerry to make sure it 'hides the truth.'


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Re: coincidences and the car hire.

Post by kimHager on 08.04.14 13:58

Not to go off topic but the bewk where Kate yaks about her sex life or lack of one..... Now bigger red flag... Why would sex with your partner make you sick? That is a natural way of comforting your spouse in times of emotional duress. Unless there's that elephant in the mccanns bedroom as well.... The theory I've had for a minute but not wanting to go there. Kate would only be put off by GM if he was guilty of something imo...Hmmm...



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Re: coincidences and the car hire.

Post by Guest on 08.04.14 15:07

@kimHager wrote: [...] The theory I've had for a minute but not wanting to go there. Kate would only be put off by GM if he was guilty of something imo...Hmmm...
Or Kate being guilty of something and Gerry knew that. It's a acceptable theory, but it works in both direction IMO


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