More McCann Horse Manure

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More McCann Horse Manure

Post  frank zappa on Fri 23 Dec - 0:54

Scotland Yard spokesman refused to confirm the meeting
took place and family
spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: 'Kate and Gerry will simply not be
commenting whilst the Metropolitan
Police review of
Madeleine's case is under way.

'They remain pleased that the Met team is continuing its
work and that progress is being made.

Strange that they will not be commenting on the review, yet they inform us through their mouthpiece progress is being made. A contradiction in terms me thinks.

And more to the point, why would NSY be keeping them up to date with the review, considering they MUST still be persons of intrest considering the stastistics regarding missing children and parental involvment.

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frank zappa

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Re: More McCann Horse Manure

Post  tigger on Fri 23 Dec - 7:11

Well spotted Zappa!

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Re: More McCann Horse Manure

Post  Gillyspot on Fri 23 Dec - 9:29

Thanks Frank - good spot

Particularly now that we know "family friend" and presumably "source close to the McCanns" will also be Clarence.

I am sure the Metado 3 story came from the McCanns mouthpiece simply to distract from Stephenson at Leveson (so that says it all about their manipulation of the media IMO)

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