New slogan for campaign?

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New slogan for campaign?

Post  mexx on Wed 12 Oct - 7:12

Not quite sure where to put this so am sticking it here...

I just finished reading all the PJ report appendixes in languages I can understand and I am gob-smacked at all the "sightings"...

The campaign slogan shouldn't be "Look for Madeleine" it should be " Let you fantasy run wild and imagine Madeleine anywhere and everywhere. Regardless of how improbable, contact the police, preferably on numerous occasions"...

Some (almost all) the "sightings" are ludicrous (almost farsical) yet police all around the world diligently followed-up on them. Disney World, a High Street McDonald's franchise, innumerable beaches and hotel swimming pools. Just the place to hide the world's most famous missing child...

One thing that particularly gets my goat is how many of the "informants" reported that the adults accompanying "Madeleine" acted suspiciously / left when they realised they were watching them... Duh! If anyone started staring at or tailing my daughter I would remove her a.s.a.p. from wherever we were, assuming that the people could be dangerous.


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Post  tigger on Wed 12 Oct - 7:46

Clarrie, not long before he left, said with his usual smirk, there were hundreds (I think he mentioned over 500) of psychic sightings that still had to be investigated.
Wait! I've just had a dream....

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.


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Re: New slogan for campaign?

Post  Gillyspot on Wed 12 Oct - 7:51

Good post Mexx & Lol Tigger

How about "look for Madeleine (it won't be her) and donate to our fund (we are searching really)"

How many wild goose chases have the worlds police been subjected to since 3rd May 2007 by well meaning people even though as Clarrie said recently over the Leh (non sighting) ""So far unfortunately there is nothing to suggest that this sighting is any more credible than any of the many others we have had over the last four-plus years."

The psychic thing is interesting as Kate implies in her "novel" that she was doubtful of them at first then over time became desperate yet in my research it seems that Team McCann were the ones who approached various so called psychics not the other way around.

Kate McCann "I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances"


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Re: New slogan for campaign?

Post  Invinoveritas on Wed 12 Oct - 16:28

How about:

Pay up, pay up for our fantasy tour, pay up and that´s an invitation, pay up for the fantasy tour, our impossible fantasy tour is waiting to take your money away.

to the lyrics of magical mystery tour from the Beatles


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Re: New slogan for campaign?

Post  Marian on Wed 12 Oct - 19:53

Well said Invinoveritas! Here's the song for us all to sing the new words to.

I remember it being said at the time the Beatles' film was released that you needed to be on drugs to understand it and I reckon that the same goes for team McCann.


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