Operation Grange

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Operation Grange

Post by tellusanother1 on Thu 4 Aug - 4:02

http://mccannexposure.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/operation-grange-madeleine-mccann-a-potential-murder-enquiry/ which tells of Steve Marsden's call to police. It then links to


I am not familiar with the fakedabduction.com sight. Is this reliable info? Thanks.


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Re: Operation Grange

Post by jd on Thu 4 Aug - 4:13

I have no idea if the site is reliable, but if it is then its very interesting when the Met say 'Police: …I’ve only worked here 11 years but I would say it’s not common. We give information whilst it’s appropriate to produce but whilst there’s an investigation going on and where it’s potentially murder, we say very little, we say very little. You read a lot in the press but that doesn’t come from us. We deal with about 250 murders a year and all of them are dealt with in exactly the same way in terms of how we deal with the media."

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Re: Operation Grange

Post by Angelique on Thu 4 Aug - 6:10

I am ever hopeful that this information regarding Operation Grange is going to prove to be the real thing.

I have visited the fakedabduction site and have posted there - I want this to be real - this must be good news. yes

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