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Mums Death Blunders

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Mums Death Blunders

Post by littlepixie on 04.08.11 0:43

I knew this lady. She was a wonderful, attractive, bubbly woman who was devoted to her children. Our kids were friends. I watched her as a bright young, enthusiastic mum who idolised her kids and indulged them.
I also saw her with terrible injuries to her arms. She told me her son had grown into a big strapping lad.

It seems to me that some parents are left on their own to cope with children that need special care. I know of another mother in the same area who only got help when her autistic daughter had her hands around her baby brothers throat strangling him. She had begged for help for years.

So very sad.

There is a social worker crisis in this Country that no-one knows about IMO.


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Re: Mums Death Blunders

Post by ROSA on 04.08.11 0:54

That is very sad


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Re: Mums Death Blunders

Post by lj on 04.08.11 3:19

So sad pixie.

IMO the whole healthcare, not only mental health, all over the globe is in crisis, and with all the advancement in cure that has been made in this last century we have lost the biggest pilar: the care.

I think if we only look at what our members here have for horror stories, enough to fill a few years of daily drama if shown on tv, imagine how it must be all over the world. None of us is really stupid and, some more than others, can convey our grievances. But all those that can't. Just an epic tragedy.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry


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