Jet Setters

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Jet Setters

Post  tellusanother1 on Mon 1 Aug - 5:13

Until the "abduction" of Maddie where the McCann's world travelers? I have to say in reading the first part of the Brian Kennedy information I couldn't believe and wasn't aware of soooo many meetings, secret meetings, travelling and such. I feel for the twins who must not see their parents very often. If I was a parent who lost a child - I wouldn't want my remaining children out of my sight. Just saying.


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Re: Jet Setters

Post  ROSA on Mon 1 Aug - 5:21

i dont feel for the twins the parents are sick and if the parents go to prison good


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Re: Jet Setters

Post  jd on Mon 1 Aug - 10:57

Gerry seemed to be 'away' a hell of a lot. Kate only seems to be joining since the Maddie hoax

The kids do seem to spend more time with nannies or being on their own then with their parents. Begs the question why go through all the effort for IVF?

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare


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