Enter a book review on AMAZON

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Enter a book review on AMAZON

Post  Cheshire Cat on Thu 12 May - 8:13

It is now possible to enter a review and give a star rating on Amazon for "Madeleine".

So far, two gushing reviews and one sceptic.

We have all seen enough from the Sun to form an opinion!!

Cheshire Cat
Madeleine Foundation

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Re: Enter a book review on AMAZON

Post  littlepixie on Thu 12 May - 11:50

Has anyone seen Renoirs post on MM Page 119 of Kate McCanns book " "Haltingly, I told him about the awful pictures that scrolled through
my head of her body, her perfect little ge****ls torn apart".

Words fail me. I feel sick. The woman needs taking into custody.


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Re: Enter a book review on AMAZON

Post  PeterMac on Thu 12 May - 16:02

I got my Amazon notification today.
£ 9 plus VAT £ 0.36
Free Post and packing
There is no such thing as "free postage and packing. The other suppliers are charging the standard Amazon rate of £ 2.80 to the mainland, and £ 4.20 to the Continent.
I live 'abroad' in a land where people mutter and limp and dress in strange clothes and smell of garlic and have lank greasy hair and above all are 'foreign'.
So the total accruing to Amazon from me is a maximum of £ 4.98.
How much is the Royalty on this?
How many books will they have to sell to reach 1 Million pounds ?



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