Irish times : naughty, naughty!

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Irish times : naughty, naughty!

Post by Cheshire Cat on Sat 7 May - 8:44

Curriculum vitae

Who are they? A Leicestershire cardiologist and GP whose daughter Madeleine vanished in Portugal while they ate in a nearby tapas bar in 2007.
Why are they in the news? Kate McCann’s book, Madeleine , will be published on Thursday, the child’s eighth birthday.
What makes them so different? White, good looking professionals; controversial parenting decisions.
Hmm. Anything else? A relentless, multimillion euro global campaign to keep the investigation alive.

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Re: Irish times : naughty, naughty!

Post by tiny on Sat 7 May - 8:54

well if thats good looking i would hate to see what this paper comes up with ugly looking


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