23 years without answers

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23 years without answers

Post by ufercoffy on Fri 4 Feb - 10:50

For 23 years, the family of a missing Missouri boy has been trying to find out what happened to him. Searches have turned up nothing, leads have dried up and suspects have been ruled out. But renewed media interest in the case has revived hope that they might soon have some answers.


This is a sad story of a family's ongoing search for their abducted son.

Quote from the father: "It's very hard. It sounds silly, but since this happened, I never sleep through a whole night,"

I think I read that Kate and Gerry said they were able to sleep very well within a few days of Madeleine being abducted by a paedophile.

Unless Madeleine is found, alive or dead, the McCanns will also have to keep up their charade search for many more years won't they?

Whose cadaver scent and bodily fluid was found in the McCann's apartment and hire car if not Madeleine's?  Shocked


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Re: 23 years without answers

Post by kangdang on Fri 4 Feb - 17:58

Thanks for that link ufercoffy, there are some interesting disappearances listed in the article

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