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Come to the Algarve and then I will kill you...copying the McCanns?

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Come to the Algarve and then I will kill you...copying the McCanns?

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 24.09.10 18:35

Posted by Viv on her blog

Lagos: Suspected of killing lover and daughter remains silent

PJ tried body between beach and hotel

Still mystery surrounding what happened in the three hours that left Gunnar Dorries Canavial with baby daughter and returned alone to the hotel.

By:Ana Sofia Coelho / Tania Laranjo

The journey of seven miles between the beach Canavial in Lagos and Hotel Vila Gale in Meia Praia, was spent combing the Judicial Police in Portimao. The fact that the German tourist Gunnar Dorries have traveled that path on the day of the crime, July 10, after drowning his lover on the beach and get away with a baby daughter, made her think that there is found the key to the mystery. However, researchers have found no traces on the child's body.
The murderer, who was arrested two days after returning to Munich, Germany, is still not talking to authorities about what happened to her daughter Alexandra, a year and a half, or reveal the whereabouts of that. Have your legal representative told German media that "Alex is alive."
However, the perception of the police, both Portuguese and German, is different. Gunnar, 43, killed Georgina Angolan Zito, 30 years, and it also killed the baby. The two organizations still believe that the suspect did not want to take the paternity of the child because she had a double life.
A loving relationship with Georgina Gunnar began in 2006 when they met in Stuttgart. In early 2008, Angola became pregnant but had a German girlfriend in Munich. The man immediately ended the relationship with his mistress.
However, in December 2009, Georgina Gunnar asked that court to pay the alimony. But only in June he agreed to speak personally with the former lover and invited her to travel to the Algarve.
The crime occurred four days after Georgina and Alexandra come to Portugal. During his stay in Lagos the three acted as if they were family. The simulation ended after a trip to the beach. Gunnar drowned the former lover and left with her daughter. He returned alone to the hotel three hours later.
The fact that the suspect was seen leaving Canavial beach in Lagos, with the child after her mother's death, is a fundamental proof to sustain the murder case, where the corpse of the girl did not appear. In this situation, and given that it was a baby who had no chance to survive alone and also because they are known from German friends in Portugal, the same could be convicted even if they never reveal the whereabouts of the child's body. Another fact that will have a decisive role in judging is Alexandra have not traveled to Munich with his father. The suspect picked up the plane at the airport in Lisbon, but went alone to Germany, changing the route that originally anticipated - had bought a ticket that would allow the return through Faro airport.
The Judicial Police do not want to repeat the media spectacle of Madeleine McCann. So researchers have been trying located in the one and only route that is known. "We can not look everywhere. It would be impossible and would not make sense," said the CM source of the Judicial Police, ensuring that only broaden the search when they have any clue about the precise location of the child. The fact that it is a baby too difficult to search.Easily the body may have been camouflaged, on land or at sea. "We may never find," the source said.

Gunnar Dorries, 43, drowned the former lover Georgina Beach Canavial.
Police suspected that her daughter Alexandra was also killed by her father shortly after

Posted by viv at 02:58

I'm not saying Gerry McCann is obsessed with what comes out in the media but Kim Jong-un thinks he needs to lighten up a bit.


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Re: Come to the Algarve and then I will kill you...copying the McCanns?

Post by littlepixie on 24.09.10 18:50

So they have still not found the baby, poor mite. I was wondering what had happened to her.


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Re: Come to the Algarve and then I will kill you...copying the McCanns?

Post by Ayniia on 18.09.13 14:27

@littlepixie wrote:So they have still not found the baby, poor mite. I was wondering what had happened to her.
unfortunately they found her body later. At least justice was done for her and her mother.

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